Everything You Need to Know About the New LinkedIn Profile…and One Opportunity to Take Advantage of Today

Posted by Pat Henseler in LinkedIn Marketing Insights

LinkedIn is changing…

But don’t panic, we’re here to break down some of the new updates rolling out to LinkedIn and share our advice on how you can capitalize on these changes.

It seems that about once a year LinkedIn will tweak their interface slightly, and while these changes don’t throw a major wrench in the type of marketing and lead generation strategies we teach… it does create some new opportunities.

Currently, LinkedIn has released these updates to a small percentage of their user base…but make no mistake: Changes are coming.

So, let’s dive into it.

What has changed with the LinkedIn Profile?

Old Profile View


New Profile View


Do you see it?

It’s not major, but a couple items to note.

1. They’ve shifted the design slightly so that your image, name, and headline are now on the left-hand side. 

The screenshot below is a great example because you’ll want to adjust any background headers to adjust any text or images to be legible.



2. They’ve also added in contact info, connection details and company information directly into the top section.



3. Maybe the most important change in the new design is the addition of your ‘Media’ files being front-and-center. LinkedIn knows the direction the internet is heading with a bigger emphasis on video content. And they’ve adjusted to catch up.

We utilize videos primarily in our Media section, but you can add any video, presentation, image, website or document that you would like to your Summary section.


Take Advantage of the Media Placement in Your LinkedIn Profile

As you can see, the changes LinkedIn has been making are minimally invasive, but there is ONE major difference that you can take advantage of…the Media.

If you don’t include any videos, images, links, you have wasted real estate on your profile these days.

And to encourage more of their users including media in their profile, I wouldn’t be surprised if the LinkedIn search algorithm began prioritizing profiles with media over those without.

So what type of media are you going to include?



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