FAQ Series: How SDRs Set Appointments

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We’ve talked A LOT about our SDR’s in our blog. In fact, here are some direct links to learn more about our sales development approach and what kind of work SDR’s do:

For this post, we’ll address the specific questions we hear over and over again from prospective clients researching cost effective and results oriented options that put appointments on the calendar.

Let’s begin...

I already have internal SDRs, can I use my own team to call?

Yes of course! You are welcome to use your own SDR’s. The only advice we would give is to make sure that they are trained to transition from our lead generation work and into your sales process. The SDR’s on our team get trained about your business, your offer, and your audience, so that they can connect with your prospects, bring out pain points (positioning you as the solution of course), and set appointments. 

A few things to consider would be pricing (outsourced vs inhouse) and bandwidth. If you need more bandwidth, an outsourced team can supplement or in-house team.

For a comparison of outsourced SDR pricing vs inhouse SDR, click here: Should You Build An In-House Sales Development Team Or Outsource To An Agency?

For a comparison of how SDR’s are trained, compensated, and how they work compared to regular telemarketer’s, click here.

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How does the SDR get trained on my brand and product?

SDR’s at Linkedselling stay on top of their training with continual meetings, check-in’s and training directly with their manager.

Our SDRs are trained with the #1 sales training program in the world, Sandler. Our entire sales team works with them continuously to stay trained in the most effective sales techniques.

To begin with, a top notch SDR team will look for someone with sales or phone sales/ telemarketing experience. They will interview candidates and typically do a thorough pre-screen so they are confident that once they train them, they will sound natural on the phone and be a positive reflection of their company and yours.

We will make sure that each SDR can set quality appointments for their own company before they outsource them to you, a paid client. We invest time into training them in scripting, phone etiquette, and how they do their marketing. Once the training is complete, the team continues to oversee calls and has frequent check-ins, along with continual training to ensure that each SDR acts as positive ambassadors on your behalf.

What Will The SDR Say on My Behalf?

First of all, you as a partner with your SDR, will review any and all potential scripting. After all, it is your name the SDR uses when that prospect answers the phone. 

If you are unsure about scripting, the SDR should have no issue whatsoever in taking a meeting with you to discuss why they believe it will work and to find a middle ground that will work for you and them.

Also, SDRs do not have to read the script word for word. In fact, the best SDR’s don’t. However, they will keep the integrity of the script and the meaning the same. They will just do it in their own words so it sounds natural and unscripted. 

We want your prospects to think of the SDR as just a friend at a networking event making the introduction to another friend who could benefit from your services.

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How can the SDRs call my prospects if they don't know enough about my company?

The SDR’s working on your behalf will not make any calls to prospects until they know enough about your company. They attend meetings, speak with you, speak with their managers on our team, and research what together we deem beneficial for them to know in order to book the call.

We discuss this aspect a little bit more in another blog about How a Sales Development Rep is NOT a Telemarketer.

How do you make sure that all the scripting and messaging aligns with our business model?

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Our clients approve of everything before it’s sent out. The process looks like this: we’ve been through all the material, we’ve had some meetings with you and your team, we’ve asked questions about your company, we’ve done the research - and then we write up the messaging and scripting and wait for your A-OK before we launch. 

If there are any changes that either we believe (or you believe) we should make that would get a better response, we will also get your approval on those before it goes live.

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Will I have FINAL approval on the scripts for messaging and calling?

Of course.

What if you book an appointment for me and they don't show?

It’s always frustrating when prospects book and they don’t show. While we can’t control what the prospect does, we try to minimize no-shows by executing follow-up emails on your behalf. These emails are reminder emails for the prospect to get them excited about the call, provide additional resources and material that is educational and beneficial to them, and lastly, to remember the meeting and to show up.

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Why can't I trial? I'm already trialing one or more products or companies...

We would love to be able to offer a trial period, however, with the amount of prep work and bandwidth we give to each client, it’s not efficient to launch a campaign and then have the client backout at the end of the trial. 

Our lead generation and sales development process is not a one and done deal, it requires time to set up properly and time for optimization. It’s just the nature of lead generation. To read more about why time is a factor and why it’s worth it to put in the time, click here.

Why aren't these appointments showing up ready to engage or to buy?

Our goal in partnering with you to get leads and set appointments on your behalf is to deliver appointments that have the highest chance of becoming real clients. 

This means before we even launch, together we decide and agree on key criteria every prospect has to meet. We call these prospects MQL’s (Marketing Qualified Leads). Once the prospect shows up to the call, the sales process has begun and it’s in the hands of your sales team to further vet and qualify the prospects.

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Will the SDR assigned to my account have experience working with my industry?

There’s no guarantee that the SDR assigned to your account will have experience in your industry. We do try to assign people that we believe will be a good fit, however and then we train, train, train. During our kickoff meeting (the very first meeting we have with our clients and their team), we get as much as we can about you in order to construct a strategy with the best chance of getting responses from your prospects out of the gate. 

We do that based on the information you’ve provided, as well as our own research. We generally become experts in your industry pretty quickly!

We Expect Questions From Our Clients

Our clients are at the top of their game for a reason - they ask questions and they find solutions. You’re probably exactly the same. For that reason, our door is open. If you have more questions, or would like to see exactly what it would look like for us to partner with you on your lead generation and sales development, let’s talk!

Together we’ll look at your company, your industry, your desired audience, and your goals and determine whether or not our strategies would be a viable option for you. Click below to schedule a free consultation with us now.

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