5 Daily Tasks To Save You Time and Accelerate Your Results from LinkedIn

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Ever tire of doing tasks that don’t actually move your business forward?

If you ever wished you could have a list of things to do, where if you only did these few things, you knew your business would be ok, then you’ll want to keep reading.

The reality is, too often business owners realize they need clients and they use the “spray and pray approach,” trying to do a little bit of everything, everywhere. Unfortunately, that typically only yields a heavy burnout with few results.

You don’t want to waste your limited time, so how can you know which tasks will actually make the biggest difference?

Understand Where the Problem Lies: The Law of the Vital Few

When you have limited time and need to make the biggest “bang for your buck,” consider Pareto’s Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule:

Focus on the 20% of tasks that will make 80% of the difference.

With that in mind, let’s dive into a business’ main problems. One of the biggest problems that business owners face is not having enough of the right clients. To maximize your time, you need to laser focus on that one problem, creating a ripple effect that will actually solve a lot of other problems as well (like monthly cash flow, the ability to service your clients effectively, etc). This is a two-fold problem; you need more clients and you need the right clients.

So first, let’s focus on who your best clients are – the vital few who will move your business forward. When the majority of your marketing tasks are focused on a specific WHO with specific pain points, it’s easier to know where they are and what they need.

This not only eliminates a lot of your previous tasks when you were trying to catch the attention of anyone who would give it to you, the tasks you can focus on are now much more effective simply because they are designed for a specific group of people. In other words, when you can be specific in your emails, in your messages, in who you reach out to, you’ll see greater results than when you’re trying to please everyone. Generalists don’t get paid top-notch fees, it’s those who specialize and prove they can get a specific result.

Second, in order to address the other half of the problem, you need a system you can rely on to consistently bring those vital few to your door. And when you have this set up, as long as you keep it running you’ll have opportunities to enroll new clients. It’s really that simple.

Fast Track Your Results

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A Daily Activity List

You can create and customize your own list (and you should) to prioritize the 20% of tasks that will make 80% of the difference when you need more clients. Here is exactly what we recommend for our own clients, and when you break it down, it shouldn’t take more than 30-60 minutes or so every day to see results:

1. Follow your targeted prospects on LinkedIn

Like all our campaigns everything starts by doing prospect research.

This step is extremely important because it will enhance your understanding of what motivates your prospects and will make speaking their language that much easier when you know what your prospect values. You’ll want to compile some initial research that will support all the other tasks you’ll do on a daily basis.

But keep your finger on the pulse. Stay in tune and see what your prospects are sharing, the groups they are joining and the conversations they are starting. This will take just a few minutes everyday.

2. Optimize your LinkedIn presence to build authority

We are focusing on LinkedIn right now because that’s where our clients are, and for the majority of our clients, it’s where their ideal prospects are as well.

Use the information from step 1 to optimize and personalize your LinkedIn profile for your ideal clients. Is there an issue your targets are currently facing? Keep an eye out for ways to incorporate current trends or pain points your audience is talking about into your profile.

And start building authority through the LinkedIn groups where you share with prospects strategic content on the topics that interest them. If you want to go a step beyond, build a LinkedIn group and share third party content that your prospects are interested in, it will position you as a trusted expert. Aim to share something at least once a week to your third-party groups, and 3-5 times a week if you are the group owner.

3. Connect with targeted prospects

Once you’ve optimized your LinkedIn presence and you know EXACTLY who your best prospects are, you’re ready to personally reach out to these prospects and build your database of targeted connections.

Here you want to set aside a few minutes every week to add more targeted connections on LinkedIn.

We like to kick things off with a bang by connecting with hundreds of quality prospects when we launch a campaign to build up some runway, but be sure to keep the gas on by reaching out to smaller batches of new prospects each week. You can keep the momentum by setting aside some time to do this everyday.

4. Manage opportunities via LinkedIn’s messenger

Once you’ve connected with someone who may be a prospect, you need to build the relationship and you can do that through LinkedIn messaging.

A successful LinkedIn messaging campaign is one that doesn’t jump to pitching a sales conversation too quickly. It focuses on relationship by adding value and building rapport based on your prospects’ interests. You can invite them to your group and share interesting content.

Just remember that the idea is to add value (and prove yourself as an expert at the same time). We’ve designed a Multi-Touch messaging campaign to convert your prospects into 1-on-1 appointments and consultations, providing you the opportunity to follow-up and close them. This is typically 4-7 messages over a period of a few weeks leading to a sales appointment. You’ll want to keep track of your messages and prospects on an Excel sheet and set aside a few minutes everyday to respond to any incoming messages and make sure things are moving forward.

Here’s an idea to help you develop your own messaging sequence:



5. Follow-up and stay top-of-mind

While you will see a percentage of your prospects book a sales appointment with you following this method, the reality is that not everyone will be ready for a phone call right now.

So you need a way to stay top-of-mind so that when they are ready, they know exactly who they will turn to. This is when you can use a combination of both your LinkedIn group, your content posts and LinkedIn messaging, but additionally we find that you can generate 10%+ more leads by including email in your follow-up. Again, this will just take a few minutes everyday, you’ll just want to make sure the email you deliver is personal and warm.

Tip: Don’t just dump your contacts into your Mailchimp newsletter. You want it to be a more personal email.

Overcoming the Biggest Hurdle: Where to Start

Without a doubt, the biggest hurdle for most businesses is just getting started.

Our clients no longer worry about getting clients because they focus on these daily tasks that make the biggest results in their business and these tasks combined make up a reliable lead generation system.

This strategy has seen success with any business that needs targeted leads and works in numerous industries and with various company sizes, from small to big businesses. It also helps our clients get their foot in the door with otherwise nearly-impossible-to-reach decision makers—and it can do the same for you if you put it in action.

If you are interested in truly maximizing both your results and your time, we can give you a jump start.

Schedule a free, 45 minute Rocket Launch Session with a client strategist for one-on-one insight into how you can customize this strategy to your own business and get more leads every month.


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