How a solid LinkedIn company page will up your digital street cred

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“Why do I need to have a company page on LinkedIn?”

I get this question all the time when I'm talking to a new or potential client…it never fails.

Having a solid LinkedIn Company page is a great tool for promoting products and services or for recruiting top talent.

It is also vital for developing your company's online brand, making it easier for prospective clients to get know WHO YOU ARE and to establish your digital street cred (aka industry authority).

photo courtesy of flickr
photo courtesy of flickr

And in case you were not informed, we are in the midst of the Information Age- your prospects are doing their research online before they are making a purchasing decision. Why not make it as easy as possible for them to understand why they should work with you?

Let’s look at what you need to do to reap the benefits of having a LinkedIn Company Page.

Building the Basics

To start, make sure you fill out your company profile completely; link to website, industry, company size, etc. Make sure you also include PRECISE keywords that your prospects might be searching for on LinkedIn.

Once that is completed, take a closer look at the content that will stick out- The Company Description. Your company description should accurately summarize who you are and what you do.

When creating the description remember to:

1. Show your prospects the benefits that your company provides and include the types of business/clientele that your company works best with.

2. Make it compelling. This summary can be brief but make sure you are actively telling your company story in order to show off the personality of your company as well as of your employees.

3. Include a Call to Action. Tell your prospects where they can go next to find more information. Whether you are promoting a webinar, want reviews on your products/services, or want to drive people back to your website, place a link at the end of the summary to tell people where to go next. A good call to action will use an action verb and describe in one short sentence where the link will take you.

4. Include solid images. Images provoke reactions instantaneously and your logo and hero image on your company page are no different. It is essential that the images you use for these pictures can be understood immediately when viewed. Make sure images are not pixelated and if your company logo is too small consider creating a unique version that fits the image size appropriately. The hero image should show your brand's personality. Try using a picture of employees with a company logo showing in the background. I advise against abstract themes that don’t match your picture.

Upping your digital street cred

Once the basics are all set up -and really it shouldn't take that long to do- you want to focus on showcasing your industry knowledge and expertise. It is also a great way to begin engaging with and nurturing your prospects.

Here's how you can really up the ante:

1. Share your latest company news. This includes your latest blog posts, new services or products offers, recent publicity, etc. Whatever you decide to share,  make sure that it is relevant and updated so your page doesn't look like a ghost town and your prospects are receiving the most up-to-date info about your company. Give your prospects a reason to follow your company page.

2. Follow up & Reach Out. Respond to any comments received on your shared updates. And, this should go without saying, make sure you are responding to them in a timely manner. Get the conversation flowing and start developing that trust right away.

3. Make it a team effort. Get your entire team to link their profiles to your company page to show that real live humans work at your company. If your brand is well supported internally, your employees will be your best advocates to showcase the brilliance that works behind a company logo. Your employee’s profiles offer another chance to expand your brand through thoughtful and personalized profiles.

4. Sponsored Updates/ Direct Sponsored Content. If you haven't tried these out yet, you definitely should. For more info about LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, check out this awesome post:

A simple addition to your overall brand strategy

Creating a Company Page is simple to setup and maintain, especially if your company already has a presence online and in social media.

Using the tips above will strengthen your company’s authority in your industry as well as showcase your brand online. You will gain clients, customers, and future employees by strengthening your presence on LinkedIn and through creating a solid and engaging Company Page. That's the kind of street cred you should be looking to develop if you haven't already begun.

Do you have a Company Page trick to share? Let me know in the comments!