Healthcare Benefits Company Generates Double-Digit Quality Sales Appointments Every Month with Outbound Marketing Strategy

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Healthcare Benefits Company Generates Double-Digit Quality Sales Appointments Every Month with Outbound Marketing Strategy

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The Challenge:

Consova reached out to LinkedSelling because they needed a better way to attract more qualified sales leads to their pipeline. Their outbound marketing efforts weren’t consistent, which wasn’t giving their sales reps enough quality at-bats.

They wanted to eliminate the guesswork and reallocate their team’s time and energy to focus on holding more qualified conversations rather than spending a lot of time prospecting. In short, they needed a lead-generation strategy overhaul.

Previously, they have had some success with cold calling and email campaigns, but they wanted to MASSIVELY GROW the volume of brokers and self-funded companies in their pipeline.

Dan Cooper, CTO at Consova sums it up best –

“We were looking for avenues to reach new contacts and increase our opportunities. Naturally, we started looking at LinkedIn as a good source but we had no idea how to market ourselves or reach individuals in this medium. During our research, we came across LinkedSelling and, to be honest, using you looked like a no brainer. We reached out, got a quote that was very reasonable, and started using your services within days. Today, we are still using your services and still going strong!”

The Solution:

After consulting with Consova about their sales objectives, hearing the challenges they've experienced with their current outbound marketing approach, and most importantly, after we helped them hone in on exactly who they wanted to do business with...we then got to work on their lead-generation strategy.

This included several deliverables such as:

  • Optimizing the client’s LinkedIn profile, specifically for lead generation.
  • Creating a LinkedIn group, one that caters to the interests of their ideal prospects, for use as an authority amplifier and long-term, leadership platform.
  • Curating content for daily posting. Content is posted on LinkedIn's news-feed and within the client’s new LinkedIn group.
  • Prospecting and database building. So far, we've connected the client with over 1,500 targeted health benefits brokers on LinkedIn! 
  • Next (and this is really where the rubber meets the road), we got to work building a multi-touchpoint, messaging funnel to systematically warm-up batches of prospects over a period of time through direct LinkedIn messaging. 

Consova opted for a direct messaging strategy. They only wanted to talk with qualified prospects who had expressed an interest in their cost containment solutions. 

Once the strategy was decided, and we were confident we could deliver, our team got to work writing a series of custom, messaging scripts to drive the prospect towards the end goal of getting them on the phone to discuss how Consova can help them save a ton of money on their benefits spending.

The Results:

112 Quality Sales Leads (and counting)

Since partnering with LinkedSelling (a little less than one year ago), Consova has seen a huge uptick in sales calls from their LinkedIn activity. And, even though the messaging has been fairly direct/specific to what Consova provides, they’ve still garnered 112 quality sales leads so far, just from working this one strategy. That translates into over 10 quality sales leads each and every month – like clockwork!

As a matter of fact, we were actually asked to pause messaging for a few weeks last year because they told us they were getting more leads than they could handle. Too many that’s a good problem to have!

1500+Targeted New Connections

Consova has been able to drastically increase the list of brokers and self-funded companies in their network – which will help keep their pipeline full for many years to come.

One of the great things about LinkedIn is it’s fine-tuned, prospecting capabilities. LinkedIn allows you to fairly easily, hone in on your exact target audience, connect directly with these professionals, and engage with them...all the while bypassing the dreaded ‘gatekeepers’.

Increased Awareness and Authority

Consova and their leadership team are now poised to become true thought-leaders within the industry and in the eyes of their prospects. They are quickly becoming the go-to resource for corporate health benefits on LinkedIn.

The company and client have seen improved visibility on LinkedIn which drastically increases their reach and top-of-mind awareness...all within their sphere of influence.

This long-term positioning play is expected to bring residual sales leads to Consova for the foreseeable future and have a lasting, positive effect on their business.

Here's what Stephanie Bohon, VP at Consova had to say about her experience –

“The process is so easy, from the implementation and strategy alignment to the day to day activities which have been very effective in getting our name out to our target market and creating interest in our service offering.”

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About Consova:

CONSOVA knows what it takes to contain health care costs while maintaining member benefits. 

They work with businesses to help improve their client’s overall financial performance without diminishing the level of benefits offered to their employees and members.

Since getting started, they’ve delivered over $1 billion in health care savings for their clients to date.

Industry: Information Technology & Services

Location: Lakewood, Colorado

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