How A Business Acquisition Firm Generated Leads & Appointments in Less Than 4 Months With a Simple Outreach Strategy

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How BizSplice Generated High Quality MQL Leads & SQL Booked Calls in Less Than 4 Months With a Simple Outreach Strategy

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The Challenge:

Stop Relying on Referrals to Expand the Business

BizSplice was looking for ways to expand their business and generate leads because their typical efforts, including the heavy referral aspect, wasn’t allowing them to grow.

They needed a reliable, consistent, and predictable way to generate true SQL opportunities with people who are willing and able to work with them.

The key to a successful campaign was converting qualified prospects at the right time, which is tough when your business model helps business owners, executives, and leaders build and grow their company through a strategic acquisition. 

While many prospects have the drive, desire, and vision to build and grow their business, they simply don’t have the knowledge, experience, or time to take on such a monumental task on their own. Timing was essential to the success of this campaign.

The Solution:

Strategically Timed Messaging through Outreach

We created an outbound sales development machine that leveraged LinkedIn messages, emails, and phone calls to deliver one comprehensive message to qualified prospects.

It was just multiple channels that were taken into account, but timing of the campaign as well.

On BizSplice’s behalf, we researched their target market, particularly those in manufacturing & distribution companies who engaged in discrete, value-added products in the state of Wisconsin. This included finding people on LinkedIn with job titles like: CEO, COO, Owner, President, Founder, & Partner.

Armed with this information, we put together a comprehensive messaging strategy that focused on how BizSplice can help their prospects confidently undertake a strategic acquisition. 

The Results:

Within 4 months... 15 Leads & 12 Sales Qualified Appointments

Within 4 months of working with us, this campaign generated 15 MQL leads and 12 SQL booked calls. More than that, a big part of BizSplice’s success is that we were able to position them as a trusted resource in their industry, which attracted a lot of conversations on LinkedIn and opened the door for their sales team.

 With the number of leads and booked calls that we were able to generate in a short time, the potential for additional revenue is huge. As a result, they not only saw an influx of quality prospects, which was exactly what they needed, but they also saw the difference that trust building and excellent positioning can have on the sales process.

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About BizSplice:

Strategic acquisition and sale achieve objectives other than just growing revenue and profits. It generates an exponentially greater number and magnitude of other benefits that accelerate your vision and goals.

Strategic business acquisitions and sales can grow your company exponentially. They make 1 + 1 = 3. This is Strategic Growth.  And they aren’t scary or difficult when you’ve done it dozens of times as hands-on business owners/operators as we have.

We lead you through the entire process from initial preparation, strategy, identification, discovery, analysis, negotiation, closing, and all the way through the integration and optimization.

Industry: Strategic Growth & Acquisitions

Location: Green Bay, WI


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