How A Direct Outbound Method Set Appointments and Achieved Consistency In An IT Company’s Sales Pipeline

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How A Direct Outbound Method Set Appointments and Achieved Consistency In An IT Company’s Sales Pipeline

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The Challenge:

Gain Momentum and Eliminate the Bottlenecks

Before partnering with LinkedSelling on their lead generation, Eric Carter, the CEO, was the only one doing sales, which made it hard to keep the engine going to the extent they wanted it to. This is a common bottleneck for many companies.

Additionally, even though they had tried many other lead generation initiatives, they never gained the momentum they needed in order to reach their goals. For example, Google Adwords wasn’t effective. Lunch-and-learns were good, but they're intense and difficult to gauge results from and host consistently. LinkedIn direct outreach had provided the best results, but they couldn't maintain the manpower for the daily outreach themselves.

Approach Technologies needed to get through their lead gen bottlenecks and develop a system - not just one-off tactics - that would bring consistent results and lead volume they could handle.

The Solution:

In an effort to claim more control and consistency over their pipeline, LinkedSelling stepped in to provide the strategy and execute various prospecting initiatives and multichannel outreach campaigns. These campaigns include the use of email, LinkedIn outreach and phone calling and play out as follows:

  1. The LinkedSelling team first researches the target audience and builds a hand-picked list of prospects who meet the targeting criteria initially agreed upon.

  2. Once the strategy is finalized, the messaging and scripting is created and approved by our copywriters. 

  3. Ready to launch, the initial messaging for the outreach campaign is entered in rounds of 50, ramping up to 150 prospects weekly.

  4. From there, we put those prospects through messaging sequences, including both email outreach and LinkedIn messaging, accruing in over 1000+ touch points each month.

Optimization is constant in this process; if the messages weren't working or we noticed a lull in leads we would focus on fixing the scripts by testing subject lines or changing the message itself.

Adding new batches of prospects each month ensures that conversations and sales opportunities keep coming in the door. At the time of this writing, we’ve gone through 19 months of this strategy, resulting in consistency of touch points and greater control in the pipeline. 

The Results:

84 Booked Appointments So Far...

Thanks to our consistent outbound efforts with Approach Technologies, the methodology has delivered 84 appointments so far. This has provided them the lead volume and consistency they didn’t have the bandwidth to achieve on their own.

“I was extremely pleased with the value we got from LinkedSelling and the quality engagements you were able to manufacture. Working with you felt like I had a whole marketing team that was responsive, understood our business, and was driven to deliver meaningful value to our company.

I’ve tried many different approaches to appointment setting, but nothing I’ve tried has been as effective or as satisfying as our investment in LinkedSelling.”

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About Approach Technology:

Approach Technology provides a free initial consultation to understand your needs. Then we set your team up with a Cloud Test Drive Account to experience applications such as Autodesk REVIT, BlueBeam, Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

Industry: Computer Software

Location: Seattle, WA

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