How a Leadership Consulting Firm Filled Their Pipeline for 18-24 Months With A Single LinkedSelling Outbound Lead Generation Campaign

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How a Leadership Consulting Firm Filled Their Pipeline for 18-24 Months With A Single LinkedSelling Outbound Lead Generation Campaign

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The Challenge:

Most of Interaction Dynamic’s business had come through referrals and word of mouth - an approach that’s typically inconsistent, making it almost impossible to see real business growth.

They were looking for a way to get a consistent flow of leads and sales appointments, especially focusing on outreach in their local region, and wanted a more systematic methodology to follow. They also knew that they weren’t leveraging LinkedIn as effectively as they could be. 

As Kevin puts it,  “It was just another media platform for us, without really going anywhere.”

The Solution:

LinkedSelling Provided The Methodology Interaction Dynamics Needed to Create Real Growth

Prior to working with LinkedSelling, Kevin and his team at Interaction Dynamics saw LinkedIn as a nice place to make connections and they viewed it as nothing more than a social media platform.

Kevin has since changed his mind, “Now we see it as a true way to reach prospects in their region of focus, especially with a LinkedIn group.”

“Working with LinkedSelling, we were able to refine our LinkedIn approach, get it target- specific, leverage that to the group, to the postings, to the follow-ups, and now it’s a nice pattern for us that works very well.”

Here’s how we helped Kevin implement a strategy for growth using LinkedIn:

  1. We helped him understand the value of creating a stronger profile and aligning the profile more directly to potential customers. We showed him how to really have the perspective of the customer in mind. Seeing this in action, Kevin told us, “It’s gotten really good feedback in the marketplace - people have a better handle on who I am, what we do, how the firm functions.”
  2. Once we identified a targeted audience, we increased Kevin’s database of LinkedIn connections to expand his reach, connecting him with the exact people he needs to get in front of.
  3. We implemented a strategy to stay top of mind, as we build thought leadership and brand awareness through posting content on LinkedIn and growing a LinkedIn group. About this process, Kevin related that “LinkedSelling became part of our marketing team. Our account manager listened to my ideas about how to build the group, worked with us on a strategy, and acted as a sounding board. It’s worked out extremely well for us.”

The Results:

Over 1700 Targeted Connections & 120 Sales Appoints From A Single Campaign 

After working with LinkedSelling, Interaction Dynamics finally found a systematic methodology to keep their pipeline full and to increase brand awareness in their market.

Kevin’s views about LinkedIn also changed, “We were able to look at LinkedIn as a really powerful lead generation engine; it’s a way to reach some of the clients in our target area that we weren’t able to reach or contact directly before.”

Kevin now sees this approach as an “active way of going out and finding leads instead of a passive approach. This was a way to really reach out and position ourselves as having expertise in the areas we focus on.”

Interaction Dynamics now has a very strong LinkedIn presence that resonates with their target market,

“Personally, working with LinkedSelling helped me build a nice strong LinkedIn presence. I started with just over 500 LinkedIn connections and now I have over 1700 LinkedIn connections, so it expanded my reach to professionals I want to be talking with, be connected to, and do business with.”

“We now have another asset with the LinkedIn Group, with almost 400 members at the time of this writing. This has been a great way to begin building that reputation and a good presence in our space and in our region.”

The main benefit of the group is that it “lets people know more about who we are and what we do, and not from a hard selling standpoint but from what we post and how we position our content - and that’s created an image of the firm in a very positive way.”

Lead Generation Results: 120 Appointments With Their Target Prospects

Interaction Dynamics now has over 120 solid prospects in their pipeline they look forward to building relationships with.

“Now I have a really nice list of strong, warm leads, that we’ll be able to work with over the next 18-24 months to continue interacting and looking for more business opportunities and building good relationships.”

“I believe the next 2-3 years will be a good opportunity to work through that list continually, keep those relationships alive, and I believe that will bring us some very solid business in the very near future.”

“It will help us build the firm over the next 3-5 years.”

Brand Awareness Results: Expert Positioning, Consistently Top of Mind

Interaction Dynamics now has a systematic way to build brand awareness. Not only is it creating buzz in their market, it’s positioned them as experts and keeps them top of mind with their prospective clients...

“We now have over 100 posts on LinkedIn and people begin to look forward to them, comment and like them and it’s created a really good energy for us with our prospective clients. Creating some good buzz.

“Posting articles has created interest in the market, they see me and my firm having good ideas and access to good content, and it keeps us in front of them on a regular basis.”

Kevin’s advice to others interested in getting similar results:  

“Embrace the process; it may at first seem a little different, instead of reaching out and going for the sale immediately. It creates a warmth to that conversation and people are actually interested in talking to you, think about your audience and think about it from their perspective.

Have the follow-up calls. It’s not only good for business, it’s good to create connections and build your relationship, not just to try to push sales. 

Embrace your account manager as a team member and make them part of your team - not just someone doing work for you.”

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About Interaction Dynamic Group:

We interviewed Kevin Sensenig, CEO and founder of Interaction Dynamics, a leadership consultancy firm working with employers in family-owned and partner-owned organizations pursuing significant growth or going through a leadership or ownership transition. 

They provide leadership executive coaching for small and mid size organizations and work with them to drive strategy alignment throughout the organization.

Industry: Management Consulting

Location: Hollidaysburg, PA


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