How A Marketing and SEO Company Generated 123 Qualified Leads and 54 Booked Calls in Less than 60 Days

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How One Marketing & SEO Company Generated 123 Qualified Leads and 54 Booked Calls in Less Than 60 Days

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The Challenge:

Launch A Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign

WebMetrixGroup is one of the leading digital marketing companies in their industry and they specialize in helping their clients gain competitive advantage through Google Authorship and exclusive SEO methods. They pride themselves in pioneering new methods to help their customers drive revenue and produce traffic for their businesses.

When they came to us, they were interested in launching a Facebook advertising campaign targeting dentists who were interested in being featured in a USA Today article where they would be named as the top dentist in their city.

The Solution:

A 4-Part Facebook Ad Campaign

By utilizing our Social Selling System, we set up a Facebook advertising campaign after conducting industry research, zeroing in on the perfect audience, and developing messaging that would resonate with individuals in the dental industry.

For this campaign, after the interested person clicked on the advertisement, they would be sent to a landing page where they would be prompted to submit their information to be considered for this article. Afterwards, they would be sent to a scheduling page where they would be prompted to schedule a verification call to ensure that they were a real practice. They would later be sent a series of reminder emails to help reiterate the time and date of their verification call.

The Campaign Consisted of Four Parts:

1. Audience-Specific Targeting Through Facebook Advertisements

2. Landing Page Where the Dentist Can Submit Their Information to Be Considered

3. Consultation Page with Calendar to Schedule a Verification Call

4. Show Up/Reminder Emails

Some Examples of the Ads:

With these new leads on their list and booked calls on their schedule, the potential for additional revenue is huge. The best part? This system is EASILY replicated month after month, consistently growing their email list, increasing awareness, and booking new clients.

The Results:

123 Qualified Leads & 54 Booked Calls in Less Than 60 Days

By launching this campaign and ultimately leading toward a free consultation call with the Webmetrixgroup team, we were able to reach more potential clients, grow an email list of qualified prospects, and increase the number of booked appointments.

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About Webmetrix Group:

A world authority in Search Engine Optimization, Google Maps Optimization, Online Reputation Management & Public Relations, WebMetrixGroup is dedicated to offering a level of services and achieving results other companies can’t match. Utilizing unique proprietary methods developed and honed over many years, they can deliver a more dynamic online presence to attract additional customers and generate higher profits to thought leaders in business.

Industry: Internet Advertising and Media

Location: New York, NY

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