How A PR Firm Generated High Quality Leads & Appointments With a Simple Outreach Strategy

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How Davies Public Affairs Generated High Quality Leads & Appointments  With a Simple Outreach Strategy

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The Challenge:

Expand Business Opportunities Through Cold Outreach

Davies Public Affairs has developed a research tool and messaging technique to help their clients develop a persuasive and factual story in order to influence public policy (local, state, or federal). They were struggling with getting appointments on their calendar to share their expertise and unique process with more people.

They came to us looking for another way to expand their business and generate more leads through cold outbound sales development. They had been doing their own physical mailing and calling, but ultimately, they weren’t getting the results they needed in order to meet their growth goals. They needed more targeted prospects, who had the budget and the need to work with them.

The Solution:

Prospect, Message, Book, Repeat...

We developed a strategy that surrounded an outreach plan to target and connect with C-Suite executives in the natural gas, solar, wind, and California-based commercial real estate development companies.

The methods we chose?

Cohesive messaging through LinkedIn messages, email, and phone calls from our own Sales Development Reps.

The messaging cadence and call scripts that we put together focused on how Davies Public Affairs can help their prospects influence public policy by creating a compelling, persuasive, and factual story.

Ultimately, Davies Public Affairs didn’t have an experienced marketing person on their team and we were able to fill that gap and provide results.

The Results:

6 Weeks: 5 leads, 3 booked calls, 1 Proposal Sent

In just 6 weeks, our campaign generated 5 leads, 3 booked calls, and John, the CEO, has already sent a preliminary presentation deck to a prospect. More than that, a big part of their success is that we were able to position them as a trusted resource in their target industries, which attracted a lot of conversations on LinkedIn and opened the door for more sales opportunities.

As a result, they not only saw an influx of quality prospects, which was exactly what they needed, but they also saw the difference that trust building and excellent positioning can have on the sales process.

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About Davies:

Davies has turned public affairs into an art. We provide thoughtful strategies, compelling messages, and precise tactical execution to overcome controversy, accelerate permitting and resolve crises.

Industry: Public Relations and Communications

Location: Santa Barbara, California


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