How a Software Development Firm Built Awareness in a Competitive Market and Closed Multiple 7-Figure Deals

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How a Software Development Firm Built Awareness in a Competitive Market and Closed Multiple 7-Figure Deals with Their LinkedSelling Campaign

The Challenge:

Like many other software development and consulting companies, DragonSpears exists in a very competitive environment. They were looking to stand out above the competition, especially on their local scene in Chicago.

Beyond simply targeting prospects with an outbound messaging campaign, DragonSpears was aiming to become thought leaders their prospects trusted to help their sales teams close more deals. Because of that they turned to LinkedSelling's blog and training content to get a more holistic approach. 

Using our unique approach to outbound marketing on LinkedIn and beyond, Patrick launched a content marketing campaign to work in conjunction with his outbound messaging campaigns to his prime prospects.

He found out quickly that while the system we preach at LinkedSelling works to consistently deliver quality leads it takes time to manage an effective lead gen and sales funnel.  

The Solution:

Patrick got started with our full-service outbound sales development team who would take over and refine all the initiatives and campaigns he had started implementing internally. This gave him and his team the ability to leverage their time and focus more on closing their incoming opportunities and working with their existing client base. 

We scaled up his messaging and outreach strategies and put a heavy emphasis on building his LinkedIn group, which has been the building ground for a local meetup through which he meets his prime prospects in person.

With the LinkedSelling team managing his account, Patrick and his team are able to put their focus elsewhere.

The Results:

DragonSpears Closes Multiple 7-Figure Deals from Qualified Sales Leads Generated through LinkedSelling

As a result of the consistent messaging campaigns, the content sharing, the online LinkedIn group and the local meetup, Patrick has a stable stream of quality leads every month and has closed several 7-figure deals from this outreach.

The content he shares has not only separated him from the crowd and positioned his business as THE software development go-to among his prospects, but also has opened the door to quality sales conversations. His local group has grown from zero to 880 members within a year of its launch, and has provided him with plenty of quality connections interested in his services as a result.

The trust our campaigns have allowed Patrick to develop has a ripple effect that expands beyond LinkedIn. From the prospects we’ve helped him build relationships with on LinkedIn, he’s generated multiple referrals to other companies.

Patrick believes this kind of trust comes from the positioning LinkedSelling helped him carve out in his marketplace, and that it has contributed to the consistent flow of quality sales opportunities.

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About DragonSpears:

DragonSpears is a custom software development company located in Chicago.

Their focus on building high functioning software teams and writing clean code for the Cloud era makes up what they call their "99.99 software" that they help their clients develop.

Their Co-Founder and CEO, Patrick Emmons, was looking for new channels to strengthen their outbound sales process and turned to LinkedSelling for help.

Industry: Software Development (IT Services)

Location: Chicago, IL


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