How A Tech Consulting Company Used A MultiChannel Strategy to Replace the Loss of Leads From Cancelled Trade Shows

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How A Tech Consulting Company Used A MultiChannel Strategy to Replace the Loss of Leads From Cancelled Trade Shows

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The Challenge:

Trade Shows Slashed Due to The Pandemic

Known for disrupting “business as usual” and for creating value and opportunity where there was none using technology, Object Computing is familiar with building flexible and scalable systems. Thanks to the pandemic and a changing business landscape, they now needed to do the same internally in order to keep their pipeline full.

While they had previously used Google ads and LinkedIn ads to build awareness, Object Computing’s primary source of lead generation had been attending trade shows and utilizing referral partners. Trade shows had proven to be a viable source of lead generation until the pandemic hit, leaving Object Computing scrambling for a new source of quality leads.

The Solution:

MultiChannel Outbound and Inbound Campaigns

They came to us to see if we could help them fill that gap and keep a stream of quality leads in their pipeline.

To do so, after analyzing their sales process and their target market, we implemented a multi-channel approach with two main funnels. One is an outbound messaging campaign via LinkedIn, which involves identifying and connecting with the client's target prospects and then sending them a series of messages designed to lead to a discovery call. The prospects we targeted included companies who utilize the cloud in a large capacity and who generate approximately 100M in revenue.

We also designed ads offering a free case study download. Here is an example:

These ads ran on LinkedIn, giving prospects interested in the case study an opportunity to opt in using a form. From there, they are then sent to a page urging them to book a call to learn more. Meanwhile, the case study is delivered via a follow-up email sequence that also offers a call.

All leads from both sides of the campaign are also followed up on by personal calls from our Sales Development Reps (our SDR team) on behalf of Object Computing, further qualifying the lead and encouraging them to schedule additional appointments.

The Results:

104 Quality Appointments Booked and 3 New Clients For a Total of 268% ROI.

In only six months, the campaign generated 157 leads in total, resulting in at least 104 scheduled qualified appointments. These are sales opportunities that more than replaced the loss of their trade shows, their primary lead generation channel.

When it comes to lead generation, the cost v ROI balance is always a concern. In the case of Object Computing, this ratio proved to be very profitable. The average cost for an ad lead (i.e. the cost for each person who opted-in for case study) was approx $180 over the lifetime of the campaign. This resulted in 49 quality sales opportunities from the ad funnel alone.

Of the appointments we delivered, Object Computing was able to close at least three new clients, for an incredible ROI. These new clients included:

  • A $100k deal, with more opportunities for work in the future.
  • A $25k deal, and they’ve already started more projects.
  • And another $900k deal they expect to turn into a $5-10MM client

At every stage of the process, Object Computing expressed satisfaction with the campaigns and even requested that we take it a step further and execute two additional outbound campaigns for two of their representatives within the company.

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About Object Computing:

Object Computing is a modern consulting company that disrupts “business as usual” that takes businesses from insights to outcomes using breakthrough technology.

More specifically, they help businesses construct the most efficient and cost-effective cloud configuration so they can free up financial and technical resources to innovate and grow.

Industry: Consulting & Technology

Location: St. Louis, MO

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