How an Advisory Firm Generated High Quality Appointments With a Simple Outreach Strategy

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How Forsyth Advisors Generated 66 High Quality Appointments in Q1 of 2022 With a Simple Outreach Strategy

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The Challenge:

Improve on What they've Struggled With

Forsyth Advisors provides a solution that enables private equity firms to reduce their supply chain costs. They were struggling with getting appointments on their calendar to share their expertise and unique process with more people.

They came to us looking for another way to expand their business and generate more leads through cold outreach. They had been doing their own outreach and had moderate success but ultimately, they weren’t getting the results they needed in order to meet their growth goals. They needed more targeted prospects, who had the budget and the need to work with them.

The Solution:

Strategic Messaging through Outreach

We created a strategy that surrounded an outreach plan to target and connect with private equity firms in North America. The methods we chose? Email and calls from our own Sales Development Representatives. We reached out to prospects multiple times over the course of 2 weeks, approximately 600 people per week. Each quarter, we created new messaging and opportunities to re-engage with prospects.

The email cadence and call scripts that we put together focused on how Forsyth Advisors can help their prospects reduce supply chain costs. Forsyth Advisors didn’t have an experienced marketing person on their team and we were able to fill that gap and provide results.

The Results:

66 High Quality Appointments in Q1 of 2022 already

This outreach strategy resulted in 66 high-quality appointments in just Q1 of 2022. More than that, a big part of Forsyth Advisors’s success is that we were able to position them as a trusted resource in their industry, which attracted a lot of conversations on LinkedIn and opened the door for their sales team.

As a result, they not only saw an influx of quality prospects, which was exactly what they needed, but they also saw the difference that trust building and excellent positioning can have on the sales process.

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About Forsyth Advisors:

Forsyth Advisors are private equity insiders and operations professionals with a proven track record of driving EBITDA and cash improvements through strategic sourcing of direct materials and strategic indirect categories.

Forsyth Advisors identifies and executes on strategic sourcing initiatives, increase spend visibility, provide category intelligence, and implement procurement best practices.

We achieve measurable improvements in EBITDA and cash across the supply chain to deliver the greatest value to our clients with no upfront cost or obligation.

With hands-on experience in private equity and on the front lines of manufacturing and purchasing, we bring a unique perspective and a history of results to manufacturing and value added distribution businesses. We have worked exclusively with middle market companies over the last 15 years and have cultivated a proven record of success across multiple industries.

Industry: Management Consulting

Location: Saint Louis, MO


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