How Canadian Fertility Consulting Generated Over $2.7 Million in Revenue in 30 Days

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How Canadian Fertility Consulting Generated Over
$2.7 Million in Revenue in 30 Days

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The Challenge:

When Canadian Fertility Consulting came to us, they had been struggling to find a way to get women to sign up for their surrogacy program. Previously, they had been running ad campaigns but they just haven’t been getting the numbers that they desired. They wanted to get more leads and appointments on their books and they had only been converting around 20 leads per month and they were ready to convert more.

How This Fertility Consultant Was Able to Generate Over $2.7 Million in Revenue Using Facebook Ads

By launching a simple 3-step campaign and adding the ability to book a consultation right on the page
after clicking on the ad, they were finally able to reach their desired audience, add people to their email list, and convert MORE leads than ever before - all within 30 days.

The campaign consisted of three parts:

1. Audience-Specific Targeted Facebook Ads
2. BOOK NOW Consultation Page With Information About Their Program
3. Consultation-Focused Follow-Up Email Sequence them about the date and time that they requested.

The Solution:

Launching a Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign

Using our Social Selling System, we set up a simple 3-step Facebook ad campaign. After researching
“ideal customers,” including what types of messages they were responding to and what interests to target, we launched a surrogate search campaign.

After they clicked on the advertisement, interested prospects were immediately redirected to a consultation page that walked them through the surrogacy requirements, information about the call,
and information about Canadian Fertility Consulting themselves. From there, they could schedule a
consultation call where they would learn more about their surrogacy program. If they didn’t book a call immediately, they would receive a series of follow-up emails pushing to the calendar page over the following weeks.

The Results:

Converted 43/145 appointments into surrogates, resulting in over $2.7 MILLION in revenue.

Since launching this Facebook ad campaign, Canadian Fertility Consulting added 1,334 NEW, qualified leads to their email list at just $22.53 each. Of those leads, 145 of them book a consultation and they converted 43 of them into surrogates. They generated an astounding over $2.7 MILLION in revenue in less than 30 days.

With all of those new subscribers to their email list, the potential to convert more people into
surrogates and generate additional revenue is huge.

The best part? This system is EASILY replicated month after month, consistently growing her email
list, increasing awareness, and booking new clients.

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About Canadian Fertility Consulting:

Canadian Fertility Consulting (CFC) is a full-service surrogacy agency dedicated to helping couples and individuals who have had difficulty or are unable to conceive, and provide guidance and support while exploring alternative methods to building a family.

Canadian Fertility Consulting is dedicated to taking the confusion out of fertility choices. We care about our clients and pursue options to each individuals’ needs and only offer those with the best chance of success.

Industry: Alternative Medicine

Location: Cobourg, Ontario

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