How a Consulting Firm Used A Systematic Approach on LinkedIn to Close Multiple Six Figure Contracts

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How a Consulting Firm Used a Systematic Approach to LinkedIn to Close Multiple Six Figure Contracts

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The Challenge:

For Mantle, each contract has the potential to be quite significant, in the six-figure range, with clients who stay at least 2-3 years although most actually stay 4-5 years.

When they came to us, Mantle had been successful, but had not grown quickly enough to meet their goals and needed a way to accelerate that growth. Also, due to the industry culture in New Zealand as well as the nature of their service, they found themselves highly dependant on referrals, which were great, but as Denise shared with us, it’s a slower and longer sales process and ultimately inhibited the accelerated growth the company was after. 

“New Zealand operates very much on word of mouth, it is a referral-based business, particularly the type of service that we offer because it’s usually a significant investment for our clients. That’s fine but it takes time and it’s a bit slower. So we were looking for other tactics in order to accelerate growth.”

Mantle had already tried many things, including:

  • Mail drops (direct mail)
  • Networking
  • Sales funnels online, including collecting opt-ins and using lead magnets like a video series and a free downloadable report.

While these marketing tactics indeed gave them some traction, what they ended up with was general prospects who weren’t always a good fit. Mantle needed targeted, qualified leads.

“Overall, we were relatively successful but we weren’t growing fast enough based on the vision we had for the business moving forward. So we were looking for a way to accelerate that growth.”

The Solution:

How LinkedSelling Provided The Targeted Leads Mantle Was After

Mantle was already very comfortable focusing on building relationships, which has always been Denise’s preferred way to sell, so when she learned about our system to find targeted prospects and build relationships with them using LinkedIn, the strategy aligned perfectly with their own company goals. Using our done-for-you agency service, Mantle saw how relationship-focused strategies on LinkedIn can result in highly targeted, quality prospects and clients. 

Here is the process we implemented on Mantle’s behalf:

  1. Research their ideal customer and create a prospect profile to determine what motivates these prospects to take action.

  2. Build a strong foundation that gives Mantle’s leadership authority in their niche.

  3. Find and connect with targeted prospects on LinkedIn.

  4. Develop and nurture strategic relationships with them using LinkedIn messaging and email campaigns.

  5. Open the conversation to a sales appointment.

The Results:

Four Contracts Secured (Two of which are 6-Figures) 

Denise shared with us that as a direct result of our services, Mantle secured four deals, two of which are 6-figures and the other two, while smaller, have expressed long-term interest and have the potential to grow. In fact, you can hear it from Denise herself, 

“We’ve closed four new clients from this system. And two of those clients are contracted work that will be multi-6-figures in new revenue. And the other two have the opportunity to be worth much more in the future.”

But, as Denise explains, the benefits don’t just stop at the contracts. They saw benefits in other aspects as well...

Building Relationships to Secure Large Investments

As Denise says, their clients have a substantial risk because it is quite the investment to work with Mantle, so building relationships is critical to securing contracts. The lead generation system we use via LinkedIn aligns perfectly with that approach.

“Our whole marketing focus is relationship based. We’re not selling widgets. It’s all about the relationship. All of our sales processes and systems are built around relationship selling.”

Relying on Efficient Systems to Propel Their Business Growth

Benefits also include the effect on daily business processes and tasks that contribute to productivity. Denise told us that they’ve looked at implementing systems across the whole business,

“[Having a marketing system] has been one of our primary goals as a company. We’ve grown quite fast and one of our key levers for continued growth is to systemize as much as we can. So it felt great to really have a system. I really enjoyed the focus that it brought to the activity, you know I’d be checking in everyday to see what the responses were and taking a personal approach to responding to people which I really enjoy. That’s probably been the biggest benefit for us in that piece of our business - systemizing the approach.”

Reliable LinkedIn Process For Lead Generation

Many businesses are on LinkedIn, but they don’t realize the potential it has as a lead generation tool. Denise shared that they only recognized this after they started working with us.

“I don’t think we had recognized the potential of LinkedIn until we started working with LinkedSelling. You know, we all had our own contacts but we weren’t doing much with them.”

Biggest Benefit: Done-For-You Services Means Action

We hear this one from a lot of business owners we work with - time is limited. Denise shared with the difference that having an outsourced lead generation and sales development partner made on their business,

“To be honest, having somebody building that for us was probably the biggest benefit. We talked about it, but never got the time to get around to those things and it’s something that we’re looking at in different parts of our business.”

“Service has been exceptional”
We were happy to hear that Denise and the team at Mantle were able to not only see results, but were able to work with us and rely on us for transparency, updates, and even advice for the future...

“We found the service fantastic. Tony, our account manager, was great. Several times throughout the contract, we’d jump on calls and talk about how things were going and what we needed to do next. He was fantastic at making sure other members of my team were up to speed. Very responsive, even though we were in different time zone.”

“We also found the data very easy to manage. I spoke to Tony just recently just to check in - I had some questions - and again, he couldn’t have been more supportive. He actually helped us shape up the data that’s still sitting there so that it can be used again.”

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About Mantle:

We interviewed Denise Carter, Director at Mantle, a leadership development consultancy to talk about changes they made in their sales development approach to acquire large account clients. 

As a leadership development consultancy, Mantle works with large organizations with more than 200-300 people. They target organizations who invest in their people and typically work directly with someone within the organization responsible for leadership and or learning development.

Industry: Leadership Consulting

Location: Auckland, New Zealand


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