How Even The Most “Niche” Offering Like Dust Mitigation Generates Targeted Sales Appointments Like Clockwork

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How Even The Most "Niche" Offering Like Dust Mitigation Generates Targeted Sales Appointments Like Clockwork

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The Challenge:

More Consistency & Control Over the Process

To generate leads, Midwest Industrial had previously relied heavily on their website, SEO, and PPC ads. This had brought them results any company could be satisfied with - 1000 leads per year, 700 qualified, 300 opportunities, and resulting in $2M in revenue. Another lead generation channel for Midwest has been tradeshows, which have brought in about $500k in revenue, and then referrals, which have brought in about another $500k during the same time period.

With results like these, what did Midwest Industrial want? They wanted growth, control, and increased consistency. They also simply wanted expertise.

Midwest Industrial was looking to hire a company with experience and a proven process in both outbound and inbound lead generation. They knew that targeted outreach is an excellent (and necessary) way to develop the kinds of conversations they needed; the ones that lead to new sales opportunities, but they hadn’t executed a plan for doing so on their own.

The Solution:

To supplement their current lead generation initiatives and to provide the expertise and manpower they were looking for, we provided our premium playbook, including both inbound and outbound lead generation, plus a robust sales development backend system.

The inbound side includes a three part LinkedIn Ad Campaign:

  • Optimized targeting using proper demographic factors to attract those most likely to be interested in their lead magnet (a 2-part report on dust control, where part 2 is only given out to prospects who book a call which provides an extra incentive to book the call.)
  • Creating optimized ad copy and creative to pique attention and convince prospects to download.
  • Follow-up emails designed to move those who downloaded the report to book a call.

The outbound initiative includes a month-long outreach campaign including:

  • Targeted list building
  • Multichannel strategy development utilizing email, LinkedIn messaging, and phone calling.
  • 11 Touchpoints over the course of a month to targeted prospects.

The Sales Development portion includes:

  • Multi-channel follow-up via email, phone, and LinkedIn to leads who’ve responded to either the inbound or outbound strategy (each with their respective messaging scripts)

So why have the campaigns performed so well?

It helps that Midwest Industrial has a very clear service offering, a focused target audience, and an adept sales process. This allows them to take full advantage of the leads development through these initiatives.

The lead magnet used to generate interest is also very effective because it’s informative and useful. As a two-part report, it also provides extra incentive for people to book a call to get the rest of the report.

Finally, we’ve also identified that a primary factor in booking the appointments lies in our sales development follow-up. This is where we create a human connection with the prospect as soon as possible after they’ve shown interest in the report and we follow-up with them.

The Results:

102 Targeted Leads & 29 Booked Appointments

These efforts have not only increased the database of interested leads that Midwest Industrial can continue to follow-up with, but has also resulted in booked appointments on Midwest Industrial’s sales calendar.

At the time of this case study, since partnering with them on their lead generation, in just four months, we’ve delivered 102 leads, 29 of which have booked calls.

Thanks to our targeted initiatives, we’ve also been able to target higher quality leads, in industries and with job titles with a higher chance of becoming real sales opportunities.

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About Midwest Industrial Supply Inc.:

Midwest has been inventing and innovating with the industry’s leading dust control, soil stabilization, lubrication and anti-icing/deicing programs by using science and chemistry to create new formulations, new application equipment and new improvements. Their solutions are focused on keeping your site safe, healthy and compliant while cutting down on operating costs.

Industry: Industrial Dust Mitigation

Location: Canton, Ohio

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