How Financial Advisors Generate New Clients Using A Simple Ads Strategy

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How Financial Advisors Generate New Clients
Using A Simple Ads Strategy

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The Challenge:

Keep Their Pipeline Full & Sign Qualified Clients

When financial advisors come to us, they have been relying on various grassroots marketing campaigns and referrals to gain clientele in the past. They would spend countless hours during the week promoting their financial advising services, and yielding little to no results.  Or, they just didn’t do anything to promote their firm and end up relying purely on existing clients and a referral here and there, but these tactics never actually take them to that next level of growth.

Several of them were even spending over $250 per new prospect with other lead generation services and oftentimes, they were not a good fit for their services because they were simply leads that were purchased from a list of demographics. 

They needed a way to keep their pipeline full with potential prospective clients and sign new clients every month without adding a huge marketing expense or hours of extra work. 

The Solution:

4-Step Facebook Advertising Campaign

After analyzing each of the advisor’s processes and target market, we implemented a 5-step Facebook advertising campaign with the ultimate goal of getting more prospective clients to become interested in financial advising services and building a relationship with them.

The campaign consisted of 4 parts: 

  1. Specific messaging that spoke to their target audience.
  2. Content and strategy that highlights the pain points of their ideal prospects or helps answer questions that a person may have about their current situation (ie. retirement, investing, etc.).
  3. Strategic follow-up that directed leads to take a certain action (ie. consultation call, assessment, etc.).
  4. In some cases, we executed a multi-channel approach that resulted in consistent & repeatable results.

The Results:

30-60 New Prospective Clients EVERY Month

Since launching their Facebook ad campaigns, these advisors are adding an average of 30-60 new prospective clients to their pipeline every month and a good number of them have booked appointments along the way. 

And, with hundreds of subscribers added to their email lists, the potential for additional revenue is huge. With the right follow-up sequence in place, a large percentage of these qualified prospects will likely become a client over time. 

The best part? This system is EASILY replicated month after month, allowing these advisors to consistently grow their prospect list, increase awareness, and fill their calendar with appointments. Since launching these campaigns, we’ve worked with several other financial advisors to implement these same strategies and achieved similar success.  

Choosing the right financial advisor is not an easy decision or a fast decision for people to make. It’s their life savings and future at stake. Our goal with these campaigns is to implement a proven methodology for adding new people into an advisor’s pipeline that they can start to build a relationship with, share additional valuable content and information over time, and work towards becoming a trusted advisor for these individuals by staying in touch. 

This system has been proven in various geographic markets and demographic populations.  We strive to take “prospecting” off the plates of the advisors so that each advisor can spend more time doing what they do best - working with their clients to help achieve their lifelong goals.  

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About our Financial Advisor Executive Brief:

Ready to discover the top system to get more qualified advising appointments and clients based on this one proven lead generation system?

In our executive brief specifically written for financial advisors, you will discover…

  • The exact strategies to close more clients in less time than ever before without having to rely on referrals or networking.

  • The most effective way to stay top of mind with potential clients and reach them before your competition does.

  • The biggest client acquisition opportunity and how to leverage it to fill your calendar with affluent prospects.

  • How to maintain consistent lead generation using paid social media, reduce risks, and gain reliability over your pipeline.

  • The advertising mistakes that many advisors make and how to overcome them.

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