The LinkedIn and Email Strategy that IndustryStar Used to Generate 1000s of Qualified Leads and Significant ROI

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How IndustryStar Used LinkedIn and Email to Generate 1000s of Qualified Leads and Generate Significant ROI within Months

The Challenge:

IndustryStar had a problem; they needed to fill their pipeline with more leads. They tried almost everything to do that - including creating webinars, direct email campaigns, newsletters, white papers, blogs for thought leadership, and attending trade shows to find new opportunities.

Through these efforts they were generating some leads, but the investment in time and money was beginning to provide diminishing returns. And their control over their lead quality left something to be desired.

When targeting C-suite executives in the manufacturing and consumer products sector, it can be a challenge to reach the actual decision-maker. The time had come to quit devoting resources to strategies that returned diminishing results AND took up large amounts of time and energy.

That’s when they came to LinkedSelling.

The Solution:

We took a look at what was working and wasn’t for IndustryStar’s sales staff and helped them create a new system for their lead generation. By focusing on their individual relationships with their prospects first and foremost, and devising a messaging strategy that would convert more of their IDEAL clients to book an appointment, they were able to take back control of their sales pipeline and reduce the unnecessary waste of their time and resources.

To create stronger trust with their prospects from the get-go, we created a framework to brand their sales team as thought leaders in their market through the creation and management of an industry group and a content-sharing machine. By demonstrating their familiarity with their audience and their interests, this allowed IndustryStar to immediately position their brand above their competitors.

This focus on building trust and familiarity from the get-go is the foundation upon which their ongoing outreach was built. With this system in place, they now routinely attract 10-12 qualified leads per month with their prospects. 

“A big part of closing is of course making sure we have a strong funnel of new connections/target prospects, which has dramatically improved in the last 60 days."

Instead of going to trade shows or spending more time and money writing blog posts, IndustryStar was able to book calls with their ideal prospects by utilizing the LinkedSelling team.

The Results:

LinkedSelling Helped IndustryStar Generate Over $85k in New Revenue within Months

From our work with IndustryStar, they now have a firm foothold in their market and have a fully managed system that finds, attracts, and converts their leads into appointments.

Within months they’ve seen their active contacts surge to over 2300 quality prospects added to their database on LinkedIn which provides their team with a continual pool of quality opportunities flowing through their doors..

This consistency in their pipeline has led to more predictability and less money and time spent attending trade shows across the country. And the early results have led to major increases in revenue for IndustryStar.

“...We closed our first LinkedSelling lead and if our pilot goes well (we expect it will) we will generate $85K, which will be a nice return on our LinkedSelling partnership from just one lead/customer.”

William and the team at IndustryStar have full confidence that the LinkedSelling service will pay off in multiples...

“Ideally we expect to receive a multiple on our investment. We are nearing some additional business with the same connection and potentially might be able to close another deal with a 2nd connection.”

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About IndustryStar:

IndustryStar takes companies needing supply chain services and software technology, from idea to production in less time with less cost and less risk.

They offer a SaaS product, supply chain strategy, new product launch services, and supply chain management, helping their clients make the difficult transition from product launch to ongoing production seamless. It’s run by Founder and CEO, William Crane.

Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain

Location: Ann Arbor, MI


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