How One B2B Data Company Boosted Their ROI By 10x in Just 90 Days With A LinkedIn Ads Strategy

Posted by Matthew Croghan in Client Success Stories

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How One B2B Data Company Boosted Their ROI By 10x in Just 90 Days With A LinkedIn Ads Strategy

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The Challenge:

Organic Traffic & Referrals Weren’t Enough
No Experience With LinkedIn Ads

DealSignal, a company that provides B2B data to assist marketing & sales teams with their campaigns, was looking for ways to create more demand for their services, capture more sales opportunities, and increase their revenue but their previous methods just weren’t working anymore. This included your typical organic traffic and referrals  - and over time, they weren’t providing them with the number of opportunities that they desired.

They knew they needed to change the way they generated qualified sales appointments for their team.  They’ve known that LinkedIn is a necessary channel for B2B marketing, however they weren’t sure their best tactic or strategy when it came to the platform. And understanding what it took to do that successfully, they came to us.

The Solution:

A Direct-to-Demo Campaign on LinkedIn

After analyzing DealSignal’s processes and target market and utilizing our proven playbook we created a direct-to-demo marketing campaign to generate high-quality leads and demos to get their core offering in front of hundreds of ideal prospects each and every month.

For this campaign, we started with targeting those who are senior-level marketing & sales department heads. We drove leads from the LinkedIn newsfeed to a demo request form and our messaging highlighted the pain points of DealSignal’s prospects and ran on LinkedIn’s ad platform. By nailing down the right messaging and follow up, we were able to get in front of the RIGHT prospects, at the RIGHT time…

The Results:

One Closed Deal Worth Almost $10,000
- Nearly 10x What They Spent Running Ads

In just 3 months, and after spending just $1,000 on ads, this campaign resulted in them closing a deal that is worth 10x what they spent up front. Not to mention a high-quality lead generation strategy that speaks directly to DealSignal’s target market.

Thanks to the success and results generated, there is a ton of potential for additional revenue. Each one of these leads has the potential to turn into a new client with the right follow-up in place. Between the emails, calls from SDR, and thanks to the sheer number of leads that came through the pipeline, the potential for more profits in the future is very likely. 

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About DealSignal:

DealSignal provides fresh, accurate, verified B2B data that helps sales & marketing teams maximize their efficiency, performance and results. Precisely target the right buyers, personalize your outreach, and drive more conversions. Revenue teams turn to DealSignal when they need to:
•Improve CRM data quality
•Enrich inbound leads automatically
•Build precise decision-maker lists
•Find in-market buyers with intent
•Easily capture leads across the web
•Improve ABM effectiveness

The DealSignal Data Platform provides access to 600M+ global companies and contacts with over 100 data points, including detailed account profiles, contact profiles, verified emails, corporate & direct phones, social URLs, and mailing addresses – all with 97%+ accuracy and a 100% data guarantee.

Industry: Computer Software

Location: San Francisco, CA


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