How One High-End Consultancy Booked Consistent Appointments With Targeted, Quality Prospects Utilizing A Strategic Outreach Strategy

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How One Consultancy Booked Consistent Appointments With Targeted, Quality Prospects Utilizing A Strategic Outreach Strategy

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The Challenge:

Connecting With the Right Kinds of Leads

EBCO’s method for uncovering disruptive insights is one of a kind, and allows them to deliver excellent results for their clients. What they didn’t have, however, were the RIGHT kinds of opportunities coming in the door. 

They came to us looking for another way to expand their portfolio of clients across a variety of industries. To do so, they wanted to target consumer goods industries across the entire USA, including companies ranging in size from 51-10k+ employees. More specifically, they came to us with a list of companies and job titles to target that included Innovation Executives at companies like: Pepsi, Kraft, General Mills, Coke, Johnson and Johnson, Subway, Mary Kay, La-Z-Boy, etc. (About 55 companies in total).

They had executed various strategies in the past, including cold calling, email marketing, trend expeditions, content marketing, and even different types of ad campaigns. And yet, they still didn’t get the results they needed in order to meet their growth goals; they needed more targeted prospects, who had authority in the kinds of companies they wanted to work with, and who had the budget and the need to work with them.

The Solution:

Targeted Outreach

Once we realized that EBCO’s biggest need wasn’t lead volume per se, but rather lead quality, we created a strategy that surrounded a 4-touchpoint outreach plan to target and connect with the exact people they were looking for. The platforms we chose? LinkedIn messaging and email. Executing a lead generation strategy like this has four parts:

  1. On EBCO’s behalf, we researched their target market. This included finding people on LinkedIn with job titles like: Innovation Director, Consumer Insight Director, CMO, Chief Innovation Officer, VP Innovation (Global Innovation) and more.

  2. Second, armed with this knowledge, we created the messaging campaigns and put it in overdrive with weekly messaging, beginning with a LinkedIn connection request.

  3. From there, we relied on our 4-touchpoint outreach plan. This allowed us to enter 200 prospects into the funnel each month and build trust for EBCO.

  4. Finally, after potential leads have gone through the funnel, we deliver quality prospects to EBCO ready to book appointments. Note that with weekly messaging, it would typically take the prospect a month to complete the entire funnel and go from cold lead to warm prospect ready to set an appointment.

The Results:

Quality Leads, Excellent Positioning & Prime Sales Opportunities

This outreach sequence resulted in 280 quality leads over the course of 14 months. That’s an average of 20 qualified leads that EBCO’s sales team has the opportunity to close every month!

More than that, a big part of EBCO’s success is that we were able to position them as a trusted resource in their industry, which attracted a lot of conversations on LinkedIn and opened the door for their sales team.

As a result, they not only saw an influx of quality prospects, which was exactly what they needed, but they also saw the difference that trust building and excellent positioning can have on the sales process.

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About EBCO:

EBCO is a consumer and trend research consultancy, helping top brands stay ahead of emerging trends in some of the world’s most volatile industries. They investigate first-hand emerging and existing trends to inspire game changing new products and services. Their workshops drive ideation and their trend expeditions cultivate innovation.

Industry: Consulting

Location: Austin, Texas

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