How One LinkedIn Strategy Brought in 134 Qualified Sales Appointments & Multiple Client Contracts

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How One LinkedIn Strategy Brought in 134 Qualified Sales Appointments & Multiple Client Contracts

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The Challenge:

Needed More Time On Lead Generation Than He Could Give

Chris was familiar with our LinkedIn lead generation system from a distance, and was actually implementing parts of our process himself, already seeing success in getting new leads and quality sales appointments. However, he found that in order to maximize results, and really fill his sales pipeline, he needed to spend more time on the system than he could personally dedicate and so he turned to LinkedSelling to outsource the process and ramp up his results. 

He knew the value of building relationships with his prospects and that creating those opportunities to speak with them one-on-one would allow him to close more deals on a consistent basis.

The Solution:

“Rinse and Repeat”

We helped Chris focus on targeted accounts especially when selling his services. LinkedIn provides the perfect platform to not only find and connect with Chris’ ideal prospects, but to build real relationships that lead to a sales conversation.

The campaign consisted of four parts:

  1. Research targeted prospects on LinkedIn

  2. Optimize LinkedIn presence to build authority

  3. Connect with thousands of targeted prospects

  4. Plan & execute a messaging campaign that builds trust, develops relationships, and that books quality appointments.

Note: A successful LinkedIn messaging campaign is one that doesn’t jump to pitch a sales conversation too quickly. It focuses on relationships by adding value and building rapport based on prospects’ interests. In Chris’ case, we tweaked the messaging strategy a few times until we found what works for him based on what elicits the most response from his prospects. And once we optimized our messaging for him, as Chris says, we just “rinse and repeat.”

The Results:

134 Qualified Sales Appointments,
$40K in Increased Revenue

By allowing LinkedSelling to build rapport with his prospects through a multi-touchpoint messaging campaign on his behalf, we were able to turn more prospects into leads and appointments for Chris. And from there, Chris was able to convert more of those interested, quality leads into clients, thereby, saving himself time while increasing his returns.

Since working with LinkedSelling, Chris not only saved himself time, turning the entire process over to his Account Manager at LinkedSelling and only personally engaging with the prospect once they had booked a sales appointment, he also generated well over $40K using our service with much more in the pipeline, and because he continues to see quality appointments on his calendar, Chris’ campaign continues to roll on, generating an average of 16 quality sales appointments each month.

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About Chris Kenney Coaching:

Chris Kenney, owner of Chris Kenney Coaching, works with coaches and consultants to sell high ticket packages and programs so they can increase their impact, have a freedom lifestyle, and leave their mark on the world.

Industry: Coaching/Consulting

Location: Webster, New York


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