How One Marketing Agency for Law Firms Generated Leads and Appointments in Less Than 60 Days Using Facebook Ads

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How One Marketing Agency for Law Firms Generated
177 NEW Qualified Leads and 16 Appointments
in Less Than 60 Days Using Facebook Ads

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The Challenge:

Implement the Right System

When GNGF came to us, they had already been doing some marketing of their own and generated a lot of leads in the past but they wanted to reach even more people through a targeted Facebook ads campaign. They weren’t sure where to start.

After doing a deep dive into their audience’s online habits and interests, we assembled a 5-part Facebook campaign designed to attract new leads to their business utilizing a consultation call funnel and offering a copy of their best-selling book for FREE.

The Solution:

5-Part Facebook Ads Campaign

The campaign consisted of these five parts:

  1. Facebook ads utilizing audience-specific targeting & offering a free book

  2. A landing page where leads would enter their information for a FREE copy of their best-selling book, Online Practice Law Strategies

  3. Consultation page pushing to a call

  4. Consultation-focused follow up sequence

  5. Long term email and calling nurture sequence

By launching a simple 5-step campaign and adding a “book a FREE Marketing Review” option after claiming the free book, we were able to reach more potential clients, grow an email list of qualified prospects, and increase the number of consultations on their calendar.

Using our Social Selling System, we set up this simple 5-step Facebook ad campaign. After researching what types of messages law firms were responding to and zeroing in on exact targeting, we launched a FREE Book and Consultation campaign. 

After they claimed their free book, they were immediately redirected to a consultation page that walked them through their unique process and offered a chance to book a free consultation call to learn more. If they didn’t book immediately, they would receive a series of follow-up emails pushing to the calendar page over the following weeks.

The Results:

177 Qualified Leads & 16 Appointments

Since launching this Facebook ad campaign, this marketing agency has added 177 New Qualified Leads @ $12 a Piece, qualified leads to their email list. Of those new leads, 16 Appointments @ $188 a piece.

With these new leads becoming subscribers to their email list, the potential for additional revenue is huge. Between the initial follow-up sequence and long term nurture sequence, a large percentage of these qualified prospects will likely book an appointment over time.

The best part? This system is EASILY replicated month after month, consistently growing their email list, increasing awareness, and booking new clients.

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About GNGF:

We are a full-service marketing company for law firms. Because we work exclusively with law firms we understand the unique challenges that lawyers face when marketing online and offline.

We get that you don’t have time to pour over HTML how-tos or pages of directory services: you’ve got a law firm to run and clients to serve. Our done-for-you model lets you get back to your practice while we take care of your website, SEO, blog, videos, and more. The following is a list of the services provided by GNGF.

Integrated Marketing


SEO & Local Search

Website Design

Content Creation

Marketing Campaigns


Social Media


We pride ourselves on having a fun, fast-paced culture with a "work hard, play hard" mentality.

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Location: Cincinnati, OH


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