How One Studio Generated Enrollments Using a Facebook Ads Strategy

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How One Martial Arts Studio Generated 115 New Student Enrollments and 1,198.5% ROI Using a Simple Facebook Ads Strategy

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The Challenge:

Implement the Right System

When Ripple Effect Martial Arts came to us, they had been relying on your typical grassroots marketing campaigns, in-house promotions, and referrals to fill their classes. With inconsistency in both their marketing and sales funnel, they realized a different approach was needed.

They not only needed a reliable way to keep their current classes filled, but also attract new students to their studio on a consistent basis without adding a huge marketing expense or hours of extra work to their plate.

They knew they could reach more potential students using social media, they just needed the right system in place to do it.

As most companies come to us for a solution, Ripple didn’t know where to start and didn’t have the bandwidth to execute something internally.

The Solution:

By researching Ripple Effect’s target market and then choosing an offer that would generate the most intrigue. In this case, it was offering 2 free weeks of classes. After leads entered their email to claim this offer, they were immediately redirected to a thank you page that walked them through the steps of redeeming the offer and enrolling their child in the class that fit their schedule. 

After launching a “2 Free Weeks” marketing campaign and immediately adding “book now” instructions after claiming the offer, Ripple Effect was able to attract hundreds of potential students to their studio.

Once their 2 free weeks were over, they were then presented with the opportunity to join the full class membership program.

This improved funnel, along with increasing traffic of better quality audiences at the top of the funnel, saw a boost in conversion.

The Results:

115 New Studio Enrollments

In 2021, there were 115 enrollments between their 3 studio locations that came from this campaign. At an estimated $5,000 per new student, that means that throughout the course of this campaign, and factoring in Facebook Ad spend and agency fees, they generated 1,198.48% ROI. These enrollments amounted to almost ⅓ of their overall enrollments for the year.

The best part?

This system is EASILY replicated month after month, consistently growing their email list, increasing awareness and filling their classes with new students. Since launching this campaign for this studio, we’ve worked with DOZENS of other Martial Arts Schools across the country and across Martial Arts disciplines to implement this same campaign and achieved similar success.

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About Ripple Effect:

Ripple Effect Martial Arts is a place where small disciplines ripple into great life changes…

Are you looking for a program that inspires confidence, focus, and self-esteem?

Whether for you, your child, or your whole family, Ripple Effect Martial Arts provides a one-of-a-kind martial arts program.

Students may start classes as early as 3 years old—developing balance, coordination, focus, and self-control. In fact, classes at Ripple Effect Martial Arts will challenge every skill and age level!

Industry: Martial Arts / Karate / Studio

Location: Fort Collins, Longmont, & Johnstown, CO


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