How Our Thought Leadership & Top-Of-Mind Strategy Booked 144 Sales Appointments For A UK Based Software Company

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How Our Thought Leadership & Top-Of-Mind Strategy
Booked 144 Sales Appointments For A U.K. Software Company

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The Challenge:

Like many businesses, Matis Automation has tried lots of different marketing and lead-gen systems and were still looking for the one that would work best for them when they came to LinkedSelling. Their efforts included the following…

SEO efforts are struggling.

“We have tried SEO but because of the company size we have struggled to create fresh content as we are usually busy with operations and sales visits. For this reason, we have had little success, also struggling to define what keywords to use.”

ADWORDS brings in leads sometimes, but nothing consistent.

“We do approx under 20 AdWords with a small budget and have some leads now and then.” 

OUTBOUND MARKETING takes too much time.

“We have used methods from 'The Machine' and 'Predictable Prospecting' books of finding a list of leads by joining a Chamber of Commerce or from existing clients and sending an email and then making a follow-up call using a script. We have had some success with this but it is taking a LOT of hours to uncover the right lead - like finding a needle in a haystack. We've also found that we're not keeping leads warm - some prospects we spoke to 6 months ago weren't ready for a meeting but were interested - so we said we'd call them back. When we finally got through to them they'd purchased with someone else.”


“We use a Quiz called Script we usually use for inbound leads who have downloaded our Industry 4.0 Brochure. We offer them a Quiz call with our industry 4.0 expert. This elevates the pain of not understanding I4.0 as mentioned above. It is an opportunity to quiz our Award Winning Industry 4.0 expert, and prospects who have been asked to do research from their boss always jump at the chance to quiz someone credible as there is so much I4.0 information on the internet and it is not easy to understand.”

The Solution:

Once Metis Automation came to us, they started in our “Rocket Launch” program, where we do the initial “set-up” work, saving them from a learning curve and trial and error, and then keep the system running themselves with coaching from the LinkedSelling team of experts.

The process they use follows our proprietary lead generation and sales development approach:

  1. First, as part of the “set-up” of the system, our team optimized their LinkedIn presence.

  2. Second, we identified their primary prospects, using demographics such as title, company, and more. This information was used to conduct targeted searches on LinkedIn and execute campaigns to expand their database of prospects, connecting them with the exact people they want to get in front of.

  3. From there, the team at Metis Automation were taught our top-of-mind strategy designed to build thought leadership and brand awareness through posting content on LinkedIn and growing a LinkedIn group.

  4. Finally, we helped them conduct multi channel messaging and email campaigns to send targeted LinkedIn messages and emails to their prospects leading them to book an appointment.

The Results:

144 Qualified Appointments in the Past 9 Months!

Using the LinkedSelling method of lead generation, the team at Metis Automation was able to book 144 appointments with quality, vetted leads in just the past 9 months!

Here are a few comments from their team:

"Thanks for all of that positive feedback! We have been working really hard on the campaigning and we are more than delighted with the amount of leads we have generated."

"We did have to pause our efforts for about 6 weeks over Christmas as we had too many to handle."

"This course has been the single most effective thing we have done for our marketing and our business in 10 years."

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About Metis Automation:

Metis Automation develops innovative, paperless manufacturing software to help manufacturers transform their work flow, allowing them to increase productivity and profitability, while alleviating costly product recalls with full traceability. Founded in 2009, Metis Automation provides advanced software solutions for manufacturing, product testing, and R&D. This is especially helpful for manufacturers who still use outdated, complex and time-consuming paperwork instructions (SOPs).

Industry: Software for Manufacturers

Location: Eastham, England


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