How to Add Caption Files to Your Videos on LinkedIn

Posted by Pat Henseler in B2B Lead Generation & Sales Insights, LinkedIn Marketing Insights

To better engage your audience and catch those that may be skimming through their newsfeed, we recommend putting a caption file on your posts like you see here:

LinkedIn has recently simplified the process and we’re going to share that with you today.

Step 1 – Click Video in Your Status Update

Step 2 – Choose your Video File

You’ll need to use the video file (mp4); a link to a Youtube video won’t work.

Step 3 – Click the Edit Icon.

Step 4 – Select your Caption File (srt)

An SRT file (or SubRip Subtitle file) is a text file that holds video subtitle information including the start and end timecodes of your text and script.

These are used in conjunction with a video file to create the captioned final product.

To get an srt caption file we often use the service They charge $1 per minute of video and they have a quick turnaround (often same day).

Step 5 – Save

Step 6 – Write your post and publish!

Why Use Caption Files?

Social media users are in a constant state of scroll; and caption videos help you as a video content creator in two ways.

  1. You stand out from other static images or video helping you get more people to stop in the first place.
  2. You attract mobile users.

LinkedIn reports that over 50% pf their global users come from mobile devices. Often times that means users are scrolling without their volume on or in public places that aren’t conducive to audio.

By including a caption file on your video you have better odds of getting your message across to your followers.

What Videos Should You Caption?

Don’t spend time and money trying to caption your hour-long sales presentation or webinar.

You want to keep your social post videos short and to the point. A more formal presentation isn’t best consumed in a prospect’s newsfeed. A video like that requires more engagement in the material from your audience.

We also caption file our video advertisements that we run on Facebook and LinkedIn and would recommend the same whether that is a animated explainer video or a direct-to-camera video.

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