How to Find Your First (or Next Best) Client Online Today

Posted by Josh Turner in B2B Lead Generation & Sales Development

This is for those entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, or business owners needing what every business needs to stay afloat…

…drumroll please…


It could be your first client, your next client or finding those perfect clients that fit your prospect profile – either way, we’re here to show you the one simple switch you can make to get them in your pipeline repeatedly. Making every client thereafter, just as to find or even easier than the one before.

Where to start?

With so many social media sites out there, it can be hard to figure which one is best for you and your business.

How do you determine which platform is best suited for your business? We have determined three key identifiers for picking a platform that will be successful…

  1. Is the audience of the platform engaged and will that engagement allow you to build authority?
  2. Does the platform allow you to search for and find your IDEAL prospect?
  3. Does the platform allow you to connect personally and develop relationships with your prospects?

…and this is what we found…

Of all the social media platforms out there (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) we continue to come back to one platform…

LinkedIn checks all three of the boxes that make it easier to generate high-ticket leads and opportunities. LinkedIn provides a forum that allows their users to establish authority, connect with prospects and build those relationships.

But wait, I thought LinkedIn was more of a resume site and people looking for jobs…

You couldn’t be more right, but you also couldn’t be more WRONG.

It’s not JUST a resume site, or a site for people looking for jobs.

The first thing to note is LinkedIn’s growth.

It has seen a 517% increase in users since 2010. And it’s growing at TWICE the active user growth rate than Facebook or Twitter, according to one of LinkedIn’s recent SEC filings.

The second thing to note is LinkedIn’s audience.

IPSOS, a global market research firm, did a study a while back and found that LinkedIn reaches more business elite and c-suite monthly than any other international news and business website measured.

Another few facts we like to spit –

  • 33% of business people have a LinkedIn profile.
  • 44% of LinkedIn members are in a decision-making role.
  • 96% of sales executives use LinkedIn at least once a week and spend an average of 6 hours per week on the professional social network.

The third thing to note is LinkedIn’s built-in trust factor.

About 70% of professionals describe LinkedIn as a trustworthy source of professional content. So, not only is the platform itself a great way to connect with your prospects, they are already inclined to trust content from LinkedIn – ramping up your own trust factor!

That all sounds great, but what can I do today to test if it will work for my business?


Glad you asked…

Let’s say you want to work with CEOs of construction companies. A simple search will tell you how many there are and allow you to choose the best fits for your business.



Type in “CEO” in the search bar and filter by “People” and to be even more specific you can narrow your search by industry, location, or even more specific job titles (under keywords).



You’ll then get a snapshot of your audience on LinkedIn. The results could be staggering – below is over 114,000. That is a TON of prospects.



Now you can get more granular in your searching especially with tools like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, but as a starting point go on LinkedIn and make a basic search to see what your prospect pool looks like.

Next Steps


Of all the ways to get leads in the door for your business, LinkedIn continues to be our #1 because of its ease of finding our prospects. Providing the tools that allow you to build trust, stay top of mind, position ourselves as authorities and leaders in the market, and create sales opportunities with those prospects.