How to Fix Your LinkedIn Content Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

Posted by Matthew Croghan in B2B Lead Generation & Sales Insights

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Let’s talk content. When you hear about content marketing you’re likely to either roll your eyes because you’re tired of hearing everyone push it on you (...I mean, how are you supposed to find the time to make enough content to really make a difference?)...

OR your ears perk up because you see the potential in it and want to capitalize more on it. Either way… you probably already know that putting out content on a regular basis is a good thing - 

Greater influence,

Greater positioning as an authority in the market,

More trust from your prospects,

And it’s another source of traffic.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already been putting out content at least on LinkedIn. And maybe reality has hit… that it’s not as easy as it looks. Results don’t come quickly.

You might even feel like it’s not worth it because it takes time, effort, or money (or all three) to create great content and if you’re not seeing any traction, you might be questioning whether or not to continue. 

This post will address three things you can do to not only ramp up your content marketing on LinkedIn specifically, but also help you make it more doable and more effective.

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Use Video

I hate to say it, but if you’re not using video, you are missing out. Everyone is pushing it these days for good reason and that’s because LinkedIn gets organic video engagement at levels that haven't been seen on Facebook or other social media for years.

The fact of the matter is, LinkedIn is currently in a position where you are actually able to get a lot of traction with video simply because it’s not as saturated as Facebook. There are other advantages as well. 

The main advantage is that video shortcuts the trust-building process. Allowing people to not only read your words but to hear you say them and see you say them involves more senses and more opportunity to create a connection. 

What about if you don’t want to be on video? You can find someone on your team who likes it, or you can just give it a try. The more you do it, the easier it gets. A few more tips - 

  • Schedule a time to create a bunch of videos at once so you’ll have them to post throughout the month. 

  • Remember that it doesn’t have to be a professional video.

  • Be consistent. People will get used to seeing you and you’ll get used to making them.

  • Make it feel natural. Try to make it feel like you’re talking to someone over lunch.

Encourage Engagement

One way to really get traction on LinkedIn is to encourage engagement. Instead of just posting an article, a quote, a image… also be sure to ask questions. You can be creative with this! Give people an incentive to leave a comment. 

One thing we’ve seen that works really well is to offer something for every comment you get. For example, offer a checklist or a strategy written up in an easy pdf that would interest your audience, and more importantly, your prime prospects. 

For example...

If you know that your prospects are always asking about how to get onto cool podcasts, type up a few easy steps and turn it into a checklist or a workbook and tell them to write a specific word in the comments, like “Excited!” and you’ll send them the checklist.

It’s easy and it’s very effective, but ONLY if you know exactly what interests your prospects. 

If they’re not interested in the topic, you won’t see the type of engagement you want.

Amplify Your Reach with Curation

A common mistake people make is believing that content is all about creation. Just remember that it doesn’t matter how great it is if you don’t share it, which means distribution is just a important as content creation.

Taking it a step further, you can take the concept of distribution and simply curate a selection of prime material from other experts in your prospects’ industries. 

You do not have to write it all yourself. Sharing content from others is not only a huge time saver for you, it actually adds to your authority and expertise (even though you didn’t write it!). The fact is, in the eyes of your prospects, you become the expert when they see you curating and sharing content they’re already looking for.

It’s a psychological trick because as the one consistently sharing amazing content, whether or not you created it your prospects begin to see you as a trusted resource just for sharing content they’re already looking for.

Think about Oprah. She is an excellent example of this phenomenon. She didn’t start out as an expert but she interviewed experts and the more she did, the more people began to trust her and see her as an expert.

In other words, she became aligned with these experts just for helping them share their knowledge and has an insane amount of authority as a result. You can do the same while still amplifying your reach, increasing your authority and influence, and saving yourself time in content creation. 


Next Steps

I consider content almost like a type of currency in this day and age; you’ll gain influence and authority. As a business, that is exactly what you need, but it can be difficult to find the time and resources to commit to consistently putting out enough content in order to really make a difference. 

However, if you want to amplify your authority without wasting hours each month you and your team don't have… consider outsourcing some or all of it. A new branch of LinkedSelling offers social media creation and posting services designed to peak interest in your prospects, encourage engagement, and position you as an authority in your industry.

This way you get the same benefits all month, without having to do any of it yourself (and for a very low price!)

Click below to learn more about Emphatic and see the difference outsourced social media content creation and posting will make in your business and in your daily life.

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