LinkedIn Video: How to Generate 4x the Organic Reach of Your Social Posts for FREE

Posted by Matthew Croghan in LinkedIn Marketing Insights

Let’s be brutally honest.

As a leader in Marketing and Lead Generation strategies, we are always looking for ways to get our clients the most “bang for their buck”.

So, why is that Facebook, the social media giant that gets many of the splashy headlines, not providing much engagement and traffic on published posts and videos?


The Problem: Facebook Organic Reach is Diminishing


Well that comes directly from Facebook… “First, more and more content is being created and shared everyday – which results in increasing competition in News Feeds, making it harder for any story [post] to gain exposure.  Second, the News Feed is designed to show content that is most relevant to individual users. This ranking system offers people a better, more engaging experience on Facebook.”

In a Jan 11th post, Mark Zuckerberg announced a more “friends and family” approach to Facebook and it’s News Feed.

For B2B, and in some cases B2C marketers, it’s going to cost money to get your updates in front of your audience on Facebook, otherwise it’s going to get lost below grandma blowing out her 72nd birthday candle at Aunt Mary’s backyard barbeque.

The Solution: LinkedIn

Specifically, LinkedIn Video posts…

LinkedIn is the #1 social media channel for professionals.  And according to Marketing Mojo’s LinkedIn Study, 43% of the 500+ million members (as of 2017) are in a decision-making role (Owner, Partner, CXO, VP, Director, Senior).

That’s a VALUABLE audience that many of us would kill to have interacting with our content.

If you combine that with the HubSpot Social Media Marketing Study that 55% of people consume video content and 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers, I think you’ll start to see the opportunity that exists.

Add those two things together, and we’ve been getting 4x the organic reach and exposure on our LinkedIn posts as compared to our posts on Facebook .

Our Own Case Study

Drum roll please…

Earlier this year we focused on publishing short videos from our CEO about our company’s priorities in 2018 (if you have read those check the initial blog here).  And after taking a closer look at the reporting we noticed that the exact SAME video outperformed on LinkedIn by 4x.

LinkedIn Organic Reach: 10,425

Facebook Organic Reach: 2,619

What type of videos work on LinkedIn?

Short, sweet, and to the point…

The average watch time of a video on social media these days is 15 seconds… that doesn’t mean your video should only be 15 seconds.

But, it does tell us that within the first 15 seconds you NEED to say something valuable, enticing, or that goes against conventional wisdom to increase the odds you’ll get someone to watch longer.

For example – if we produced a video about the topic in this article, we might start that video by saying, “In the next 90 seconds, I’m going to lay out the reasons why most of you are wasting energy on Facebook videos AND how you can generate 4x the engagement through this simple distribution strategy.”

That intro goes against conventional wisdom that Facebook is the be all, end all social media platform, and details what I’m going to share… along with a nice, tidy timeline to let the viewer know that it’s an easy commitment.

The new LinkedIn Native Video feature for mobile gives you the ability to stand out even more!  There are new features: filters and text styles.

Each can enhance video that you upload via mobile, giving people a better understanding of who you are.  You’ll build trust by reinforcing your brand and authority to your audience.

What are your next steps?

It wouldn’t be smart to eliminate all posting from Facebook…

There is just too much traffic and opportunity there to brand you and/or your product.

But if you’d rather not fight all the social noise between old college roommates that seem to never grow up and grandma’s birthday cake, then your best bet would be branding more strategically with LinkedIn.

This platform has a lot to be excited about in the future for all marketers.  And we see firsthand the greater reach, authority and exposure that LinkedIn provides for our business and that of our clients.  

To get the best engagement and stick with the trends we HIGHLY recommend you include LinkedIn in your posting schedule.

How valuable is your online prospecting for your business?

Don’t know? To understand the in’s and out’s of LinkedIn to make sure you are able to utilize it to generate more leads and clients, we recommend our free LinkedIn Masterclass.