How to Get High Paying Clients To Come To You Using LinkedIn with Anik Singal and Josh Turner

Posted by Ryan Farrell in B2B Lead Generation & Sales Insights, LinkedIn Marketing Insights

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This is an interview LinkedSelling Founder & CEO, Josh Turner, did on Anik Singal's podcast, "The Fighting Entrepreneur," on how our system to get high-quality leads and high paying clients with organic LinkedIn Marketing Strategies.

Podcast Description:

Josh Turner is a LinkedIn Marketing Expert who built an Inc 500 Company generating high quality leads on LinkedIn.

I'm [Anik] working on a project for LinkedIn. So I asked Josh to come on and help me build an entire marketing strategy on how to successfully implement this idea on LinkedIn.

Guess what? You get to listen in on it! So get excited as Josh reveals:

1. Why LinkedIn is the HOTTEST platform to get TONS of high quality B2B leads.
2. How you can get in on the action and quickly fill up your calendars with high quality ready-to-buy appointments!
3. How you can consistently generate a 20% success rate on LinkedIn using his secret strategy.

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