How to Use Custom CTA Buttons on Your Company Page

Posted by Elizabeth Johnson in LinkedIn Marketing Insights

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This post will explore the latest feature addition to LinkedIn and Company Pages. If you would like to learn more about how to use LinkedIn to generate more B2B sales appointments then you should sign up for our LEAD Blueprint workshop here.

LinkedIn has just rolled out a recent feature that gives you more control over your company page - Custom Call-to-Action buttons. Before now, the only option available for Company Page visitors to engage with your company further was to Follow Your Page or Visit Your Website.

According to LinkedIn, people have been asking for different ways to engage their audience on their company page and LinkedIn has provided an answer: you now have the choice of several different “Call to Action” buttons.

Those five new CTA options are:

  • Contact us
  • Learn more
  • Register
  • Sign up
  • Visit website

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Along with those buttons, LinkedIn also provides analytics, so you can see what kind of response your chosen CTA button gets.

Beyond the primary “Follow” button, we’ve now added the ability to select a custom CTA button for your Page. Five new options make it easy to turn your Page visitors into potential leads, and new analytics dashboards will provide deeper insight into how many visitors are clicking through.

Here’s what it looks like when you click the edit icon to edit your CTA button on your company page (just click the pencil icon to the side of the buttons as shown in the image above):

You can click the drop-down menu to see your options and input the url to send them to the proper website or landing page.

While this isn’t a huge update that will completely change the game, it will allow your company to engage at a level that most closely reflects the relationship you have with your prospects and the actions you want them to take, rather than just sending them to your homepage or following your company on LinkedIn.

The way we anticipate using these new buttons is to drive people to a report or a free webinar training where they not only will learn more about who we are and what we do, but where we can give them real value that they can use to get more leads. This is a much more direct approach to building a business relationship than sending prospects to a static homepage.

As marketers looking to get the best possible results, the more customization and features we are provided by LinkedIn the better. And with that in mind the great news is that LinkedIn is nowhere near done, and promises more updates every quarter.

"Going forward, we plan to release new features once a quarter, so you can keep track of all the important updates that allow you to make the most of your LinkedIn Page."

Great news for everyone on LinkedIn that they remain committed to helping more professionals and businesses to easily connect and build relationships.

LinkedIn Promises More

"Going forward, we plan to release new features once a quarter, so you can keep track of all the important updates that allow you to make the most of your LinkedIn Page."

Resources to Help You Get More Out Of Your Company Page

In the meantime, make sure you’re getting the most out of your LinkedIn company page. Check out LinkedIn Pages Best Practices page for recommendations straight from LinkedIn on what’s working best.

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about our LinkedIn strategy, how we use our company page and personal profiles as part of a trust-based system to get high quality, high end leads, click below to learn more.

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