In a Highly Competitive Industry, This Healthcare IT Company Needed A New Way To Reach Targeted Prospects

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In a Highly Competitive Industry, This Healthcare IT Company Needed A New Way To Reach Targeted Prospects

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The Challenge:

(Note: EDCO has since been acquired by BV investment partners and rebranded as Solarity by EDCO)

At the time, EDCO's challenge in getting new clients was twofold: 

One the one hand, as EDCO focused on healthcare organizations in the United States, they knew that their target market was limited. On the other hand, they had been reaching out to their audience using traditional methods but they knew that they weren’t using LinkedIn like they could be. Two reasons that had kept them from optimizing LinkedIn as part of their marketing mix was simply time and resources. They didn’t have the manpower or time to dedicate to discovering a new strategy for a new channel.

As Kristin Binford remembers about her time there,

“Our healthcare IT organization was using a lot of traditional channels to reach out to our audience and we really felt like we had an opportunity with LinkedIn that we weren't taking advantage of. The team at LinkedSelling helped us open our eyes to the fact that our audience was on LinkedIn and that it was a great opportunity and channel for us to reach that audience in a different way than we currently were.”

The Solution:

How LinkedSelling Provided The Exact Connections EDCO Was After

“Working with Josh and the team at LinkedSelling, we got pretty excited out of the gates that this was a channel we had not taken advantage of in the past. Especially when Josh's team helped pull all the data, in terms of who was actually on LinkedIn and some of the particular people at particular organizations we could reach out to and build connections with, it really helped us to take the next step and sign on and work with the LinkedSelling team.”

Working with EDCO, we were able to connect them with the exact people they needed to get in front of following a very systematic approach on LinkedIn. They already had a good understanding of who their best customers were, we just needed to find them on LinkedIn.The process looked like this

  1. We optimized their profiles and company pages, creating a strong foundation that would position EDCO as the preferred IT service provider for the healthcare industry.
  2. On their behalf, we targeted and connected their prospects on LinkedIn, expanding their database of quality connections.
  3. We developed and nurtured strategic relationships with them using LinkedIn messaging and email campaigns.
  4. We cemented their positioning as thought experts and authorities in the industry by starting and growing a LinkedIn group that targeted their prime prospects.
  5. All of this leads to a consistent stream of leads every month and a full pipeline of quality sales opportunities.

Kristin sums it up,

“One of the common misperceptions of LinkedIn is that everybody just intrinsically knows how to work the LinkedIn channel. There's lots of different businesses whose target audience is on LinkedIn. What Josh's team was able to help us do is to get started on the right foot and systematically approach that audience.”

“So from the very beginning working with Josh and his team to make sure that our profiles were optimized, that they didn't look like we were just selling. From a thought leadership perspective, putting the group together, putting the messaging campaign together. In the end, I would say that Josh and his team helped us do it better than we could've ever done ourselves.”

The Results:

The LinkedSelling Method Provides a New Way to Reach a Very Targeted Audience in a Competitive Industry

The Healthcare industry is very competitive and there are only so many hospitals. The strategy we helped EDCO execute on LinkedIn allowed them to break through and reach previously hard-to-reach people...

“The biggest benefit that I saw from working with Josh and his team, was kind of twofold. One was the ability to reach parts of our target audience, and people in our audience who we really struggled to connect with before. And when I say connect, I mean both connecting on LinkedIn but also as people, for one on one conversations.”

“One of the interesting challenges of that business was the fact that the audience was very finite. There are only so many hospitals and health systems in the United States. So we always felt like there was more opportunity than we were able to capitalize on because our specific target audience in the healthcare industry was so difficult to reach. So one of the benefits of working with the LinkedSelling team was being able to reach that audience in a new way.”

EDCO Was Able Execute On a Strategy They Didn’t Have the Bandwidth to Do Themselves

Kristin is an experienced marketer, but she didn’t have the bandwidth to execute a new strategy on a new platform. LinkedSelling served as her partner to make this happen.

“I didn't have the staff to be able to implement something like this myself. So the fact that we could partner with Josh and his team on what the end goal was and then they help us execute was a huge benefit.”

“And so, even after going through two campaigns with the team at LinkedSelling, I understand how the process works. Could I do it myself? Maybe. Do I want to? Not really. They do a really good job. They handle the tediousness of everything that happens. They do it with high quality. And so it's something that you could try to do yourself, but quite honestly, I think that the ROI on working with LinkedSelling, is pretty clear.”

Working With LinkedSelling is Transparent and Clear

Kristin admits to being a “high maintenance client” sometimes but we know that’s because she has exacting standards. We wouldn’t expect anything less from our clients. We made sure to work with her to meet her expectations.

“They did a great job working with me, managing expectations, having a good understanding of what different steps in the process would look like.”

Increased Connections with Prime Prospects, 2000 prospects in their LinkedIn Group with 20% Asking for Appointments

From working with LinkedSelling, EDCO grew a LinkedIn group to 2000 targeted people with a 20% conversion rate of people asking for a meeting or appointment.

“So in terms of results that we saw from working with the team at LinkedSelling, we were able to grow a group to over 2000 members, I think probably within the first six to eight months. Definitely the right people. So they did a really good job of that.”

“On the back side with the messaging campaign, we were able to secure probably right around the 20% in terms of folks who were asked for a meeting and then agreed to a meeting. So, we felt like that was a pretty good spin of our time and budget.”

Thought Leadership and Industry Authority Increased

Kristin has seen long lasting results and continues to make new connections with targeted people in the industry.

“In terms of results and thought leadership from the campaign, I will tell you that we have connected my profile to hundreds of C level executives at healthcare systems across the country. I often get requests from folks to connect who are in that industry even a year later. So it's super clear to me that the more folks in your target audience that you do connect to, the more that want to connect to you and I think that has the potential to be ever-growing if you have enough runway to work with in your campaign.”

Final Thoughts On Working With LinkedSelling

Kristin was kind enough to leave us with some final thoughts on her experience with LinkedSelling,

“I would say that if you know that your target audience is on LinkedIn, particularly if your target audience is active on LinkedIn, it's really a no brainer. I think that LinkedSelling does a really good job of showing the results in an abbreviated amount of time. And by not requiring you to sign a year plus contract, they let you see the results and then it will pay for itself. And if it doesn’t, then you have the flexibility to do something different. But I think that LinkedSelling's track record is very good, and so much so that even though I moved organizations that we are looking to work with LinkedSelling again here shortly.”

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About EDCO:

EDCO is a leader in healthcare software and services that focuses entirely on digital capture and indexing of medical records in North America. Over the years, they have worked with numerous hospitals and clinics across the country and seamlessly integrated our software with electronic health record systems, such as Epic and Cerner.

EDCO has since been acquired by BV Investment Partners and rebranded as Solarity by EDCO.

Industry: Healthcare IT

Location: Kansas City 


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