How Own Executive Coach Generated 465 Qualified Leads for $9 or Less

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How One Executive Team Coach Generated 465 Qualified Leads From Companies Like IBM & Wells Fargo at $9 or Less

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The Challenge:

Implement the Right System Through Facebook Ads

Keith Ferrazzi is a renowned speaker, coach, and a #1 New York Times best-selling author. When he and his team came to us, they had been relying on various methods, like speaking events, to generate more leads but they wanted to reach a wider audience. They knew that marketing through Facebook was the way to do that.

By implementing our strategies through a 6-step Facebook ad campaign, he was able to get in front of his target audience and even generate qualified leads from companies like The Walt Disney Company, IBM, and Wells Fargo.

The Solution:

6-Part Facebook Ads Campaign

By launching a FREE PDF campaign and targeting companies most likely to be interested in leadership and team coaching, we were able to generate 465 new leads after launching.

The campaign consisted of 6 parts:

  1. Optimized targeting via Facebook ads to attract qualified companies
  2. Ad copy offering a FREE PDF about how to elevate their team’s performance
  3. Landing page that captured the interested person’s information in exchange for the free guide
  4. Consultation page offering more information about Keith’s coaching services and a calendar to book a free Impact Elevation Assessment call
  5. Follow-up emails designed to move those who downloaded the PDF to the next step of becoming a full client and getting on a call
  6. Sales representative phone calls to leads with goal to persuade leads to book a consultation call if they have not done so already

Using ad copy that pitched the free PDF, the prospects were then sent to a landing page where they could enter their information in exchange for the PDF that would be delivered via email. After entering their information, they were redirected to a consultation page that pitched the free Impact Elevation Assessment call with a member of Keith’s team.

If they did not schedule their call, leads were put through a follow up sequence that was designed to eventually move them into becoming a client. Leads that took the PDF but did not book a call were also contacted by our sales development representatives via phone to get a consult call scheduled.

The Results:

465 Lead @ $9 or Less

Sometimes it is hard to sell companies on coaching services, but with our Social Selling System, it WORKS. With 400+ new subscribers to his email list, the potential for additional revenue is huge.

The best part? This system is EASILY replicated month after month, consistently growing their email list, increasing awareness and signing new clients.

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About Ferrazzi Greenlight:

Ferrazzi Greenlight leads the industry in strategic relationship management, bringing a fresh, conscious, and holistic perspective to success in the corporate world.

Relationships power growth. We are experts in helping clients develop those relationships, internal and external, that contribute most broadly to their success.

Business is human. We build strategies that allow clients to better serve stakeholder needs, execute sales initiatives that deliver immediate results, and align the human capital necessary to deliver lasting success.

Success is about more than the bottom line. Our current clients, who include many of the most innovative and respected companies in the world, share our passion for infusing relationships with intimacy, accountability, and generosity to achieve the greatest of success.

Industry: Management Consulting

Location: West Hollywood, California


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