Kunze Analytics Expects a 10X ROI Thanks to The Rocket Launch Program

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Kunze Analytics Expects a 10X ROI Thanks to The Rocket Launch Program

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The Challenge:

“I Felt Like I Was Spinning My Wheels”

We spoke with Chris Kunze, Founder and President of Kunze Analytics, LLC. Before working Kunze Analytics through our Rocket Launch done-with-you service, they were frustrated with LinkedIn. Knowing it had potential for the business, but even after paying the premium LinkedIn subscription and over 4,000 new contacts later, they got little to no results with it.

Chris explains,

“Pre-Rocket Launch program, I used the Premium service within LinkedIn to create about 4,000 new connections in a year and a half. Nevertheless, all the activity on this social media platform proved to be fruitless for the most part. I felt like I was spinning my wheels. As soon as someone expressed interest of whatever sort, I pitched a sale. This aggressive approach likely alienated some prospects and lessened the effectiveness of my sales prospecting efforts. I needed to think differently about LinkedIn.”

Chris also wanted to re-engage people in his database that he hadn’t interacted with for many years. These were past colleagues, previous clients, and people he had done business with before. He needed a way to stay top of mind and reactivate these sales opportunities.

The Solution:

To help Chris build a lead generation system he could rely on to fill his pipeline month after month, we worked with him in our done-with-you Rocket Launch program.

  1. First, we identified and researched their ideal prospect. With this information, we optimized Chris’s LinkedIn profile. 
  2. Next, we planned out messaging campaigns on LinkedIn and began joining relevant LinkedIn groups.
  3. We began the initial database build, connecting Chris with targeted prospects on LinkedIn.
  4. We helped them create a new LinkedIn group to be run by Kunze Analytics, to provide authority and positioning in their market.
  5. Finally, we coached him through our proprietary LinkedIn Campaign Strategy, so that he could take the reins from there and continue with the campaigns.

The Results:

Potential 10x Return

We asked Chris to share a little bit about the growth he’s seen in his business,

“In less than ten months, for every dollar I spent with LinkedSelling, I've had a gross return of about $5. In the next twelve months, relationships I've established using LinkedSelling's lead generation methodology have the potential of multiplying this gross return by ten times.”

Kunze Analytics Benefits from Solid Sales Advice Every Week

Chris also spoke about his experience working with the LinkedSelling team,

“Can't say enough about the awesome support I've received from everyone at LinkedSelling, especially from my Coach Tom Leto. On a weekly basis, LinkedSelling has been my expert sounding board. Receiving competent help is critical when customizing campaign texts to voice one's ideas and thoughts. LinkedSelling has given me solid sales advice when working in LinkedIn and cutting-edge email technology for marketing campaigns of all types including sequential, special event and drip.”

Their Christmas Re-activation Campaign Closed New Business

One specific example of a campaign that successfully generated new business opportunities Chris was able to close is the Christmas re-activation campaign. Chris wanted to send a Christmas message out to past contacts and was able to do it very efficiently following the LinkedSelling messaging strategy.

The result?

He got some “very nice messages back” and even new referrals. From this one campaign he was able to re-engage old contacts and even close new business!

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About the Kunze Analytics:

Kunze Analytics assists decision makers, trainers, and coaches to predict employee performance, retention, engagement, and safety. They also enable job fit and coaching through proprietary machine learning and predictive data mining. They audit and increase the value of assessments and surveys and through their programs, managers can coach each of their direct reports optimally using an interactive spreadsheet, our predictive HR scorecard technology. Their focus: to help you decide with data.

Industry: Coaching/Consulting

Location: Middleton, Wisconsin


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