LinkedIn Groups Are Getting a Makeover… What’s New?

Posted by Ryan Farrell in LinkedIn Marketing Insights

LinkedIn groups have long had a reputation for having a low engagement rate, something that has turned a lot of people off from them. And while part of the blame may rest on the wrong approach taken by many group owners (click here to read up on our recommended approach), LinkedIn groups on the whole do lag behind Facebook groups in many engagement metrics.

Which brings me to some great news… LinkedIn recently announced they were setting out to make a change to increase the engagement and put an emphasis back on their groups. In fact, last week they sent an announcement out to all group owners and managers (link) detailing the changes that will be rolling out in the coming weeks and in today’s post we are going to break down what that means for you, and your group.

The Good

LinkedIn is moving Groups back onto the homepage.

This is great news! This will allow your members to view conversations and content directly in their newsfeed again. This is HUGE for staying top-of-mind and building authority – something that is crucial if you want to stay in front of your potential clients over the long term.

They’ll be bringing back notifications for groups.

This is MAJOR for group owners and managers so they can stay up to speed on everything taking place in their group. But, even more importantly, this will alert your members to new content or replies within the group, continually driving more of your prospects back into your community.

Manage your Groups on iOS and Android apps

For those of you on the go, you’ll be able to manage and access your groups from your mobile devices, a very helpful feature, especially when you want to respond immediately to a discussion or comment without having to wait to get back to your computer.

The Bad

Because LinkedIn needs to reintegrate their groups platform into the main LinkedIn homepage…there will be a temporary loss of certain features. This may take a few months before all the features are live again.

We recently spoke with a LinkedIn company rep in charge of managing their groups product and they couldn’t yet share a specific timeline on how long this will be or say with certainty if everything listed below will come back 100% the same or at all.

Admin and auto-generated group emails will be unavailable.

This includes auto-generated email for both Group Digests and, take note, for Group Announcements as well. Many people depend on those emails to stay top-of-mind in the inbox and are concerned that such an important touchpoint to help stay top-of-mind will disappear.

So, to address these concerns, from our conversations with LinkedIn, their plan during this transition is to continue to test and see if the notifications increase engagement more than the announcements. If this is the case, and it looks as if it might be from their comments, we predict that LinkedIn will roll out new features that will work even better than the auto-generated email announcements.

Stay tuned to this blog in the coming months to learn about how we see the change from announcements to notifications affect our groups and the groups of our clients – and the best way to get results from your groups.

Moderation Queues

While LinkedIn is transitioning groups back to the homepage there will be a temporary loss of the moderation queue. Moderation queues are where the content from pre-moderated group members wait for your approval. This is being revamped and improved functionality will be released in a few months, although as of this writing, LinkedIn has given no exact date as to when this feature will be available again.

In the meantime, it remains to be seen what level of control group owners and managers will have during that time. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as they begin to roll out these changes.

Besides the changes we’ve mentioned here, LinkedIn has suggested that more will will roll out in the coming months, although they were vague in our conversations about what specific new features may be coming to groups for owners and managers. In any case, you can be sure that as soon as we hear the news, we’ll be updating you here in our blog.

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