LinkedIn Lookup: Replacing Your Company’s Employee Directory

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What is LinkedIn Lookup?

Have you ever worked for a company whose intranet is far more trouble than it’s worth?

Clunky, not-user friendly, and filled with glitches? Did you avoid it at all costs?

Unfortunately, these systems don’t fulfill one of their main purposes – to help employees, who may never have met, connect and collaborate with each other.

LinkedIn took notice. The LinkedIn Powers That Be realized that many people are bypassing their company’s intranet and are instead turning to this social site to connect with the people they work with.

To make it even easier, LinkedIn has recently launched an app called LinkedIn Lookup. It’s “the fastest way to find and learn about your coworkers,” says LinkedIn.

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What Can I Do With LinkedIn Lookup?

The sole purpose of LinkedIn Lookup is to find and connect with coworkers.LI lookup 2

First things first, you must download the app and create your account. You should login with the same credentials that are used for your LinkedIn account, which is used to populate your Lookup profile.

The next steps is to key in your current work email. This is used to create a kind of database of everyone else that currently works for the company.

These are the ONLY people that you can view or reach out to via the Lookup app.

Interestingly enough, this database is not limited to your LinkedIn connections. You can find and speak to ANYONE at the company, as long as their profile settings allow it.

Now that your app is set up, you should check out the search feature. You can search for coworkers by these criteria:LI lookup 3

  • Name
  • Experience
  • Job function
  • Title
  • Expertise

After finding the person you need, reach out to them with an email, phone call, or instant message, all from within the app.

Who Would Use LinkedIn Lookup?

In all honesty, LinkedIn Lookup is only useful to those working at much larger organizations. And by large, I mean the AT&T’s and Wells Fargo’s of the world.

If your company has a staff of 20 people, chances are you already know who is the one person responsible for that thing you need. There might be a few sales guys, a few marketing people, one person focused solely on customer service, and so on.

At a larger organization with thousands of employees, there are many instances in which you might need to look for or learn about a coworker you’ve never met. For example, you just got assigned to a team to develop a new product or service. You’ve never worked with the people on the team before, so you’d use LinkedIn Lookup to get an idea of what sort of experience and skills everyone is bringing to the table.

Or maybe you’ve been working on a project on your own and you need an expert opinion from the Risk Management Department. Who should you reach out to? LinkedIn Lookup will help you find the right person.

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