Should You Upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium Account?

Posted by Matt Kersey in Uncategorized

For most, the free LinkedIn account is all that you really need. There are, however, certain instances where an LinkedIn premium account could benefit you. This article will help you determine whether you should spend your money or save it.

One of the best reasons to upgrade to a LinkedIn premium account is the extra search filters in the advanced peopScreen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.58.26 PMle search.

Filters like seniority level, experience, interests and company size can be very helpful when looking for certain types of people.

With an upgraded account you’ll also be able to see more search results in the advanced people search. Every plan allows you to see all of your 1st degree connections. With premium accounts you have access to more 2nd and 3rd degree connection results.

Another benefit of having a LinkedIn premium account is the ability to send InMail. InMail can be particularly useful if you want to message someone outside of your network. As a matter of fact, it's the only way you can message your 3rd degree connections (outside of group messages).

InMail is unique in that while you only are given a few each month, if the recipient doesn’t reply to your message within 7 days you will get another one to send. The more expensive your plan, the more InMail’s you’ll get each month.

One last thing to mention is that a premium account gives you the ability to see everyone Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.59.39 1who has looked at your profile. With a free profile you are severely limited with the amount of profile views you can see.

For most people, a LinkedIn premium account can be seen more as a luxury and not a necessity. Most of the additional, premium features can be worked around without too much effort.

For example, creatively using the left side bar in the advanced people search will help you fine-tune your results. And, to get around InMail you can join a group that the person you want to message iLinkedIn Premium Profiles in, and you’ll have the ability to send them a message.

However if you use LinkedIn everyday it’s likely you’ll be able to justify upgrading to at least a business account. It all depends on what you need and how you use LinkedIn.

You can always switch back and forth between a paid account and a free account as the situation dictates, or at least every month anyway.

Have you used a premium account?  What benefits have you seen?