LinkedSelling Acquires Elite Digital Group

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Recent Acquisition Paves the Way for New B2B Lead Generation Opportunities


ST. LOUIS– LinkedSelling is pleased to announce the acquisition of Elite Digital Group, uniting two companies that support the B2B community with lead generation services.

Elite Digital Group is comprised of a team trained in highly-specialized social media lead generation, now a unique arm of LinkedSelling that offers their proprietary system for delivering consultations and appointments with high-quality prospects directly through social media ads and funnels.

This move dramatically expands LinkedSelling’s ability to serve B2B businesses and provides a new avenue to effectively scale their lead generation processes.

Below you can hear from Josh Turner (CEO, LinkedSelling) and Ben Kniffen (President, LinkedSelling) as they personally welcome Elite Digital Group onboard and discuss exactly WHY this move was made:


When asked about the acquisition, LinkedSelling CEO, Josh Turner explains that looking ahead, they see changes in the landscape for how B2B businesses will generate leads in the future.

This acquisition reflects these new opportunities and fulfills a growing need for generating lifelong B2B clients from social media ads, specifically Facebook and LinkedIn ads.

“As a business move, and in order to provide a broader service to our clients, this acquisition just made sense.” – Josh Turner, CEO

A direct response, social media marketing agency known for their Social Appointment System, Elite Digital Group works with clients who want results – sales appointments and new customers.

Their experience has shown that a direct response campaign through social media combined with a strategically planned follow-up system equals results.

This mirrors LinkedSelling’s philosophy that targeted, high-ticket leads are only converted to a sale when there exists a trusting relationship between the prospect and the company’s representatives.

Due to the nature of social media, that trust is developed by offering value and building a relationship from the get-go instead of going for the sale directly.

And that philosophy is key to Elite Digital Group’s successful campaigns.

Together, LinkedSelling and Elite Digital Group have perfected a simple and proven playbook to get more high-ticket sales appointments that allow their clients to cut the clutter and focus on what is most important… initiating conversations with the exact types of businesses their clients want to do business with.

Linkedselling is excited to welcome them into the fold and looks forward to offering Elite Digital Group’s services to their clients helping them lead the way in B2B lead generation for years to come.

If you’d like to know more about Elite Digital Group and their how their Social Appointment System delivers highly targeted leads direct to their client’s businesses, click here for a detailed overview (including how one client booked 273 qualified appointments in less than 60 days).

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