How Mertz-International Doubled Their Revenue With A Single Outbound Lead Generation Campaign On LinkedIn

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How Mertz-International Doubled Their Revenue In 8 Months With A Single Outbound Lead Generation Campaign On LinkedIn

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The Challenge:

Mertz-International LLC is a consulting firm specializing in tax planning for U.S. expatriates in Asia and Russia. Firm owner and managing partner, Mike Mertz, knew that growing through referrals was limiting his business.


But what other places could his prospects be found? After all, “U.S. expatriates in Asia” isn’t a search filter offered anywhere we know of. However, utilizing some creative processes within LinkedIn, we were able to find a virtually limitless supply of these prospects to target for Mertz-International’s campaign. And a process for reaching them that has generated a substantial increase in revenue. 

The Solution:

To begin, we used a number of unconventional searches and criteria to find a large pool of prospects to target on LinkedIn. From there, we worked with Mertz-International to design a campaign that would directly connect them with these prospects, work them through a short-term nurture campaign, and culminate fairly quickly with a direct call-to-action.

After deciding that the best profile to utilize would be the owner, Mike Mertz, we were ready to get started. The campaign required a short setup phase, where our team directly connected Mike with hundreds of prospects.

Also during the setup phase, we got Mike into the right LinkedIn groups (where his prospects could be reached), optimized his profile (to convert views into leads), and began building the content and messaging that would be utilized for the “top of mind” nurture component of the campaign. 

Launching the campaign.

Once we completed the setup phase, we were ready to roll out the ongoing monthly campaign.
A key component of the campaign is maintaining top-of-mind awareness with all of Mike’s
connections, as well as thousands of additional prospects that exist in his LinkedIn groups.
We achieve this through daily status updates and bi-weekly group postings. People often
question the value of this activity, but the results below speak for themselves.

Posting these updates alone won’t generate a flood of leads. Sure, an inbound lead comes
in every once in a while. But it’s the consistent outreach and behind-the-scenes messaging that generates leads like clockwork. And by consistently reaching out to new prospects, we never run out of prospects to target.

The Results:

LinkedSelling Helped Mertz-International Sign 29 New Clients In 8 Months. Doubling Their Revenue. 

As a direct result of prospects targeted via the LinkedIn campaign, Mike’s firm has generated 29 new clients in the last 8 months. Seeing a steady stream of qualified leads rolling into his LinkedIn inbox every month allowed he and his sales team to have consistent sales opportunities to dial in their sales process. 

Nearly 50% of his leads from LinkedIn have converted into customers! From an ROI standpoint, Mike’s investment in the campaign is generating roughly 2X his firm’s investment in first year revenue alone. Considering the lifetime value of a client, the ROI becomes quite tremendous.

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About Mertz-International:

Since 2003, Mertz-International Limited has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses.

Mertz-International Limited ‘s expertise ranges from basic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services such as audits, financial statements, and financial planning.

Industry: Tax & Financial Planning

Location: Offices in China, Japan, Philippines, & Vietnam


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