Use LinkedIn to Get Past Gatekeepers and Close Big Accounts

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What if we told you, that your next client could be Google, or Microsoft, Amazon, Visa or Coca-Cola… would you believe us?

You might ask…

“How is that possible?”

Or “Where would I even start?”

In the “old days”, if you wanted to speak to somebody at a big company…

You’d have to talk through a glass window and butter up the receptionist if you wanted to speak to a real decision-maker…

That, or you could do what Jay Abraham did when he was starting out (now a well-respected consultant, growing businesses for over 50 years)…

Instead of leaving those gatekeepers with a message or a perfectly typed-up letter with his brilliant ideas like everybody else, he wanted to be remembered.

So he’d put his letter in a HUGE envelope that didn’t even fit through the little hole in the glass…

All just to stand out and try to get past the gatekeeper in order to reach the real decision makers he wanted to do business with.

Today, those barriers have fallen.

The glass window has shattered.

You can literally connect with any decision maker you want, no matter how high up the executive ladder they are, and no matter how big the company.

And at LinkedSelling, we’ve developed a system that breaks down those intimidating barriers that once limited access to those next big clients, and those “decision-makers”.


The answer is simple… LinkedIn.

How LinkedIn Allows You Access to the Top Decision Makers at Companies

We’d be willing to make a bold claim…

Every business professional has or will have, at one point or another, utilized LinkedIn in their professional career.

If they haven’t, they are behind the curve… and if they have, then they could be the perfect prospect – your next big client.

According to our market research, over 80% of leads generated through social media for B2B marketers come from LinkedIn.

And to top even that, 92% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over ALL other social media platforms.

What does this mean for you? It means that LinkedIn is the place to be if you really want to reach the decision makers and close big accounts.

How to Leverage LinkedIn and Implement a Strategy That Puts You In Front of Those Decision Makers…

Focus on what matters.

And what matters is building trust with your best prospects, because when they know, like and trust you, they will buy from you.

Focus your limited time as a business owner on building a system based on relationships..

What if you had a system that gets you on the phone with 30% of targeted business owners, CEO’s, Presidents, CFO’s… really, whoever your ideal prospect is?

You’d not only have a much better chance at pursuing and closing these big accounts, you’d also see a surge in business opportunities…

But you have to build a relationship first.

Here’s how:

  1. “Shine Your Shoes” and Get Ready For A First Impression
    Make sure your profile is top-notch; often, it’s your profile that will make your first impression online, so you want to put your best foot forward forward here.  Make sure it inspires trust, shows you’re capable of providing the results these people need and includes a call to action. 
  2. Find Your Prospects
    We focus our efforts on LinkedIn because of the overwhelming professional nature of the platform – 99 times out of 100, your prospects can be found there. Be ready to send them a personalized connection request. 
  3. Build That Relationship
    Once they accept your connection request, you can really start building a relationship. That relationship shouldn’t be initiated with a sales pitch, or a “buy this now” message.  Instead, it should be nurtured with a series of helpful and valuable messages, sharing content that gets your prospect thinking about the problems you can solve.
    Send at least 4-7 valuable, helpful messages before asking for a meeting or call.
  4. The Sales Appointment
    Following our strategy, we find  on average that 21% will accept a phone call or a meeting with you.So you’ll want to use that appointment to further build trust, explore their need, and offer your solution.
  5. Stay Top-Of-Mind
    If they aren’t ready to buy then. You’ll need to stay in front of them for when they ARE ready, so that when that happens, you’re the ONLY choice they turn to.

Has This System Worked?

Like we said, this works, no matter who you want to get in touch with.

Our clients have communicated with and have gotten past the gatekeepers (Presidents, C-Suite, VP’s, etc.) for companies like AT&T, Best Buy, Microsoft, IBM, Sysco, GE, P&G, JP Morgan Chase, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and much more!

The “white-glove” system we run for our clients puts them in a perfect position to make those connects and contacts with those potential clients.

But we also have multiple training courses that allow you access to this system and all the proprietary tools we use in the process!

Are either worth it? Take it from one of our biggest and trusted clients, Cohen Architecture and Woodworking.

“LinkedSelling started bringing us leads that you’re not going to find doing Google searches or calling secretaries.  They’re not going to let you in the door. And as a result of that it has brought us close to $20 million in revenue.”

— Noah Cohen

There is so much more to this system than what we’ve outlined above. And there are many more “big connections” that our system has provided for our clients and the students of our training programs. Here are just a few more…

Consider attending our FREE LinkedIn Workshop that lays out the entire system from start to finish.