One Marketing Company Generated 200 Quality Leads and 50 Sales Appointments

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One Marketing Company Generated 200 Quality Leads
and 50 Sales Appointments

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The Challenge:

The Old Methods Just Weren’t Cutting It Anymore

As a company that helps organizations grow through acquisitions, retaining existing customers, and removing barriers to growth, Standing Partnership is all too familiar with the struggles that companies face when it comes to growing their business. 

However, when it came to marketing their own company online and generating new clients, their previous methods of gaining new clients through referrals, content marketing, and social media ads just weren’t producing the results they were looking for.

The Solution:

MultiChannel Outbound and Inbound Campaigns
Through Our Proprietary LinkedIn Strategies

When Standing Partnership came to us, they were looking for a new way to generate high-quality leads and appointments.

After analyzing their sales process and their target market, we implemented a multi-channel approach with two main funnels with the ultimate goal of getting more appointments on their calendar and more leads on their list. The first funnel was an outbound messaging campaign via LinkedIn, which involves identifying and connecting with the client's target prospects and then sending them a series of messages designed to lead to a consultation call. The prospects we targeted included C-Suite executives from mid to large-sized B2B companies.

We also designed ads offering a free copy of their ebook. Here is an example: 

These ads ran on LinkedIn, giving prospects interested in the ebook an opportunity to opt-in using a form. From there, they were sent to a page where they were urged to book a consultation call to learn more about what Standing Partnership has to offer.

The leads that came from either funnel were also followed up with via personal calls from our Sales Development Reps (our SDR team) on behalf of Standing Partnership, further qualifying them and encouraging them to schedule a consultation call.

The Results:

Over 200 Leads and 50 Qualified Appointments

In only 7 months, the campaign generated 204 leads in total, resulting in 50 scheduled appointments with qualified prospects. We helped provide them with sales opportunities that they were unable to get using their previous methods.

When it comes to lead generation, the cost v ROI balance is always a concern. In this case, the average cost for an ad lead (i.e. the cost for each person who opted-in for the eBook) was approximately $67 over the lifetime of just the ad campaign.

With over 200 new leads on their email list, the potential for additional revenue is huge. Each one of these leads has the potential to turn into a new client with the right follow-up in place.

At every stage of the process, Standing Partnership has expressed satisfaction with the campaigns and the results that we have gotten them. They’ve even requested that we take it a step further and work with them on other projects to help them grow!

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About Standing Partnership:

For over 25 years, Standing Partnership helps companies in complex industries (agriculture, healthcare, education, industrial, etc.) accelerate their growth and achieve results. Their strategies have enabled their clients to acquire new customers, improve customer loyalty, generate high-quality leads, and more.

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

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