[Round-up Post] What One Tactic or Strategy Has Brought You the Most Leads and Clients in the Past Year?

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As a small business owner, I truly believe that small businesses are the drivers of economy and innovation.

And in my business, we have the privilege to work with many small business owners to implement marketing strategies that generate serious growth.

So to honor the entrepreneurs and small business owners in our community, we ran a little contest on our Facebook page the other day asking our community to answer one question.

What One Tactic or Strategy Has Brought You the Most Leads and Clients in the Past Year?

And we are featuring the top answers below.

There are some great tactics our community are getting success with and there’s a lot to be learned.

Daily Video Content

Russ Johns
Co-Founder - Agency258

"I post a video called Two Minute Tips consistently every day and share a valuable tip about being positive and business.

I include a link in my bio to book a free call with BookRuss.com and then schedule a time to talk about whats going on and I provide something valuable without a bit sales pitch. Delivering value to the community, Sharing information that is useful and being responsive.

Social Media is all about developing relationships.

Convert your contacts into clients when you take your text to talking to them."

PR and Attaining Guest Expert Status

Tracie Spero Strucker
Founder - ConsciousMind

"Without a doubt being interviewed as part of an online summit. The video was a great way to speak directly to the people who were ready to hear what I have to share. I think there were 3 parts to this: 1) The viewers had self selected because they had to opt-in for the summit. 2) Reached an audience who I hadn't spoken to yet. 3) The video captured my style of teaching and motivating people that can't really be captured on the written page. It was also a lot of fun!"

Hosting Local Events to Generate Leads

Manny Torres
Partner - Rock My Image

"Recently we are having success generating leads by hosting business owner focus groups. We invite 12-15 local business owners to attend a meeting in which we provide marketing insights to help grow their business. The business owners enjoy networking with other local entrepreneurs and walk away with actionable information they can implement into their business."

Attracting Sponsors for Your Local Events

Kevin Flora
CEO - The Holler Creative

"We developed a system that gets us 100 hot leads every 2 months, for free (actually we make money on this). It works something like this...

Find a business in your area that is doing really well and has something to offer the audience that we want to talk to. In our business, we want to help business owners, so approached the top-most person we could get a hold of in the most well-known bank that gives out commercial loans.

We tell them that we want them to be the top-level sponsor of a local event we are holding. The amount of sponsorship money they put forward essentially pays for the event. Then we host an event and cap the audience at 100 (because that creates a since of exclusivity which is important in any marketing).

Then we put a price point that is low (like $29) on each attendee (because people will actually show up and engage if they have some skin in the game).

Then we get a local caterer to provide lunch and show off their catering services. A local musician to provide music to show off their talent. However else you can engage the community and not be out any expense is beneficial here. Then we hold a couple of small sessions on basic info that every business owner needs to hear so that it's actually beneficial.

Throw in a few pitches of our service offerings, give them a "special discount" because they are at the event... and BOOM! Yes, it's a good amount of work... but for getting 100 potential clients seeing the need of having us help them (not work for them... but progress their business) is worth that work. Copy and paste in the neighboring town and you have 100 other clients."

Asking the Right Question in Your Sales Process

"When networking I ask some iteration of the question “What will happen to your business if nothing changes?” Every business has issues. This brings them up and they provide their own lead FOR me!"

Using Affiliate and Joint Venture Partnerships

Melody Dareing
Owner - Dareing Events Catering

"The thing that has brought us the most leads over the past year is partnering or networking with other businesses. One - a restaurant - had a need for delivery, staffing for onsite catering and other off-site catering services and, so, they used us every week.

Some may have considered them competition, but they were an awesome affiliate partner and led us to many clients."

Customer Service as Your Top Lead Generation Tactic

"We send thank you notes hand written by the technician after each service call and/or installation. We get phone calls back thanking us and it keeps us top of mind for our clients."

Creating Engagement by Hosting Competitions

"The number one thing that gets my customers noticed, builds their database, gets likes on their Facebook page and gets me recommendations is running a monthly competition on their business facebook page, we use two ways to enter.

1) link to a landing page (created using click funnels) they give us their email address to register.

2) we create a chatbot, they comment to show interest, when they do we send a message to their messenger inbox. We ask them to confirm they are interested by saying yes. This opts them in to our messenger list (which allows us to send follow up messages, subject to Facebook’s T&c's).

We then tell them the winner will be notified by email so we can also get their email address.

Once the competition ends we send a very special offer to everyone that didn't win. We then send a weekly follow up email with some value plus a link at the bottom to a product or service.

This works well for almost all industries. With the link we ask them to add the competition to their linkedin business page, Twitter profile and Instagram account."

Consistent Follow-up and Outreach Is the Key

"I follow Matthew Kimberley's "5 Things" process. Every day, 5 days per week, I do 5 things, via email, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook:

1) Contact 3 People on my list that I haven't spoken to in the last month, just to say "Hi, I was thinking of you. Feel like a coffee or chat?"

2) Share something worth reading (blog post, article, etc.) with 2-3 people on my list who will appreciate it. NOTE: It's usually NOT business-related.

3) I introduce someone on my list to someone else who may be of value to them (via LinkedIn, or email). Again, not always (directly) business related.

4) I talk to a stranger - I have a list of people that could have a major effect on my business, if I only knew them, but who I don't have a relationship with yet. I send an email or a letter to one of them.

5) I make a sales offer to someone. Every day."

Creating Your Prospect Profile and Fast-tracking Your Lead Gen

Michael Levitt
CEO - Breakfast Leadership, Inc.

"The largest impact on my business growth by far is implementing LinkedSelling's TAG system. It helped me (finally) narrow my niche to the right prospect profile, which makes my sales prospecting work so much easier.

Yes, it's a lot of work, but the work generates business beyond my imagination, and I get to work with people that I WANT to work with. I wish I would've used the TAG system a couple years ago, as it would have propelled my business much faster."

Replacing Cold Calling with Social Media Lead Gen

John Bergman
Owner - J. Bergman Consulting

"This is going to sound like a set up, but it's true. In the past month, using the [LinkedSelling] system, I have picked up 3 new clients for $7,000. Before that I was doing more cold calling with minimal results."

Bringing the Handshake Back to Business

Cody Wooten
Founder of Next Level Leaders and LoCo Coyote Enterprises

"As Josh Turner puts it, "bringing the handshake back". The world has become so disconnected in so many ways, especially with the rise of technology, and the simple idea of bringing back the handshake and genuinely being interested in other people has brought untold opportunities which is extremely exciting and has given me the opportunity to help more people!"

Working On the Business, Not Just In the Business

Jackee Schwartz
CEO - Planet Einstein

"Breaking my leg! It wasn't an intentional strategy but one that gave me the down time to commit to learning. It's a long story, so I'll share the short version. I had to have hip replacement surgery which went well, but the first night home I stepped up one step on the wrong leg....and fractured my femur.

No rehabing hip until the fracture healed. Three long months of down time!

So, I signed up for online classes. I hadn't had the time to do this previously. First course was a 12 week ecommerce class. Then another and another and another.

Then back to work and decided I'd better have a Plan B and that was the current LinkedSelling course. I just finished all the Modules. I'm focusing on nonprofits in my local area and have already made 50 new connections."

If you’d like to read through the entire thread, you can find that here.

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