Real Estate Consultant Uses A MultiChannel, Relationship-Focused Approach to Sign 40 New Clients

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Real Estate Consultant Uses A MultiChannel, Relationship-Focused Approach to Sign 40 New Clients

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The Challenge:

Anne and her husband travel around and work from home. As a Real Estate Business Coach and Community Relationship Consultant, Anne had been using LinkedIn and email to reach out to potential clients in hopes of gaining their business - with little response. One of the issues she had with email in particular was that that it was expensive to pay for lists, email autoresponders, and then the more she sent out, deliverability went down.

She wanted to double the number of clients she services from 18 to 30 as well as increase the number of sales appointments she books every month in order to cover her costs and grow her business. Also important was a way to create stability to support her traveling lifestyle and plan for the future. 

To resolve those challenges, Anne was looking for a systematic way to get high quality leads to book sales appointments consistently. As she states it,

“Before [working with] LinkedSelling I was using email campaigns to generate clients. It worked originally - but it was expensive. Paying for Constant Contact with 10,000 contacts was around $250/month. I also had to buy lists - and that also cost money. As I said, it worked at first but then several things happened. If you send enough mass emails out your email becomes labeled as spam - so deliverability went down. In fact it was downright crickets at times. So I would change the email but that eventually became a dead email also. I was spending hours and hours cleaning up my email lists and adding in new people. Eventually it just became very ineffective - and that was when I started looking for a different way to attract clients.”

The Solution:

How the LinkedSelling Rocket Launch Program Provided The System and the Sales Opportunities Anne Needed

She turned to LinkedSelling for a system using LinkedIn to build trust with her prospects and book 10+ additional appointments with her ideal clients every month. 

We worked with Anne to develop the system she needed to bring in quality appointments. 

  1. We started by helping her optimize her LinkedIn profiles. This is where we identified the messaging that would connect and stand out to her best prospects.

  2. From there, we helped Anne target and connect with those prospects on LinkedIn, expanding her database of quality connections.

  3. We also helped her develop and nurture strategic relationships with them using LinkedIn messaging and email campaigns.

As part of the Rocket Launch Done With You Program, we also provided videos, scripts and templates for Anne to use in both emails and social media messaging, as well as coaching to answer questions and to help her get the best results possible. After we helped her with the initial set-up, Anne took the reins.

She shared with us the process she follows to get leads every month:

“The way I am working this LinkedIn Selling [system] is adding 100 people a week - in two groups of 50. I invite them, then wait one month before I start running the drip campaign - I usually have about 30 connect. After the drip campaign ends I put them into Connect 365 and send the email suggested. After that I drip them with one email a month.”

The Results:

A System That Delivers

40 Signed Clients and A Full Pipeline

Working with Anne, we were able to not only help her implement a reliable system to bring in 10-15 sales opportunities every month, Anne now has consistent sales opportunities she didn’t have before as well as better quality leads and a warmer reception from prospects more open to having business conversations.

“Overall, I have signed 40 clients from this. [...] I have more in the pipeline also. The closest I've been able to figure is if I invite 50 people to connect, work them through the 5 drip campaigns and then an email - I will get 1-2 clients from this every time.”

“Interesting to me, also, is that when I do phone calls with people (that raise their hand), they act like we are old friends. They don't ghost me, and if they have to change the time they actually reach out and let me know. It doesn't only create leads to call, it creates a "friends" feel which really makes it more fun and enjoyable.”

A Systematic Way to Build Relationships and Start Real Conversations

We helped Anne create an effective multi-channel outreach approach, to connect with and build relationships with her prospects through various touchpoints and mediums. This worked so well that she was surprised at what a different response she got when she switched the platform she communicated on. When she was starting out, Anne wrote us about her experience:

“My campaign is going very well - signed up 3 people this month and having lots of conversations on an ongoing basis. I’ve connected with some great people and some big influencers. It has led to some great conversations. It is always funny how once they connect and ask for a call, they act like best friends. NOT asking for a call right out of the gate is critical and it really works.

I was surprised by how adding Connect 365 [another tool we use to connect via email] has also helped. Often I go through a whole campaign on LinkedIn with no response but as soon as I send an email on Connect 365 they apologize for not being present on LinkedIn and we connect.

I’m very happy with the results!”

The Confidence to Apply This Lead Generation Outreach System to Any Business

Anne actually added another focus in her business after working with us, going from Real Estate Coaching to adding in a community relationship program through She describes how easy it was to add because of the scripts she has access to in the program. It evens brings in an extra side revenue while she continues to focus on Real Estate Coaching.

“When I started this I was doing real estate business coaching - and I did get several clients from this. [Then] I changed my messages to drive people towards, which I could easily do because I had the suggested scripts. 

In a very short time, I became a coach for them - which meant I needed to change my profile on Linked In - which again I had a "how to" to do that. I get several leads for [them] every week, and am able to continue adding people into that program while I am coaching. 

It brings in about $500-$1500 additional income a month. I am confident that I could create a message campaign that would help me grow any business if that ever became necessary.”

Getting Past The Initial Set-up With Our Done-With-You LinkedIn Lead Generation Program: Rocket Launch

Anne describes how we helped her sidestep one of the most common setbacks we see: overcoming the hurdle of just getting started.

“Getting started can be the hardest - and you guys handled most of that. The selling point for me to join your program is the fact that you had a coach. Being a coach, I understand the value of that. Plus, I've bought "programs" before that basically sell you a bunch of videos and "good luck". I was excited to know that a coach was there for me and could help me along the way.”

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About Anne Turner:

Anne Turner is a Real Estate Coach and Community Relationship Builder, via her own company, Next level Real Estate Coaching, and The Faces Of. She helps small business owners create the community presence needed so their business and relationships are protected - and stand out from - from the ever changing landscape of business and advertising.

Industry: Consulting; Real Estate Coaching and now Community Relationship Builder

Location: Hartland, Wisconsin 


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