How Starfish Generated High Quality Leads With a Targeted LinkedIn Outreach Strategy

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How Starfish Generated High Quality Leads With a
Targeted LinkedIn Outreach Strategy

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The Challenge:

Their Sales Pipeline Was Drying Up

Starfish provides branding services and strategies to companies of all industries. They came to us looking for another way to expand their business and generate more leads & sales for their business.

They had previously been utilizing methods like SEO, networking, word-of-mouth, and attending events but weren’t getting the results they needed in order to meet their growth goals. They needed more targeted prospects, who had the budget and the need to work with them.

The Solution:

A Targeted LinkedIn Outreach Campaign

Multi-channel outreach was new to them so we built an approach from the ground up. We developed a strategy that identified prospects in their target, and then through a consistent multi-channel outbound approach we reached out to a targeted list of prospects via LinkedIn messages and emails, at scale.

To be successful, you need to have volume and consistency when it comes to your lead generation strategy.

We started with optimizing their LinkedIn profile and developed scripting based off of messaging that will resonate with their ideal client. From there, we built prospect lists and sent our messaging sequence straight to their inboxes.

With the messaging centered around the prospects' pain they are experiencing, it is a necessary shift in your typical marketing strategies that their prospects are used to.  It allows Starfish to stand out among a sea of other companies that are executing the "same old playbook" you hear over and over again. "This is my company, we do this, this and that. If you’re interested, book a call" (slightly paraphrasing but you get the point).

What we’ve learned with most of our strategies for our clients is that, it’s NOT to do what everyone else is doing - you need to determine what makes your company stand out from the rest and actually SOLVE your prospects’ pain/problem.

The Results:

An Average of 6 Leads Per Month, 208 Leads Total

Throughout the course of our campaign, we generated 208 leads at $288 per lead, and that’s including a 4 month pause throughout the course of the campaign. More than that, a big part of their success is that we were able to position them as a trusted resource in their target industries, which attracted a lot of conversations on LinkedIn and opened the door for more sales opportunities.

As a result, they not only saw an influx of quality prospects, which was exactly what they needed, but they also saw the difference that trust building and excellent positioning can have on the sales process.

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About Starfish:

We’re a hybrid marketing firm. Our experience, expertise, and non-traditional perspective allow us to provide all of the services that traditional advertising agencies, branding agencies, and marketing strategy consultants provide. All under one roof. And all with the same management, with no silos or hand-offs.

The brand experience is the brand

And it is our strong belief that a brand is the sum total of all of the interactions a customer has with a brand both consciously and subconsciously.

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Location: New York, NY


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