The Importance of Email Follow Up

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We spend so much time preparing the perfect email campaign, collecting leads and work diligently to deliver the perfect message. 

But, then after a few non-responses we give up. 

In fact, studies from both Yesware and Microsoft show that in terms of follow up email, most companies are completely missing the boat. 

Creating the perfect balance of follow up email is an art and a science and takes careful consideration. 

And, always remember this one very important fact … until you get an unsubscribe, everyone is still a prospect. 

Don’t give up! 

Your prospects may just not be ready right now, but when they are you want to be there. 

Here are 5 tips to help make sure you’re ready! 

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Tip #1: A Non-Response Does Not Equal a No

Just because you haven’t received an open, click through or response, does not mean it’s a definitive no. 

An unsubscribe, do not disturb or a block sender is a no, but a non-response could mean a number of things.

Most likely, the recipient was busy when you sent the message. 

Do you respond to every single email in your inbox? The answer is probably no. 

Plus, our busy minds can only process so much information at once and our inboxes are filled with a ton of messages coming at us from everywhere. 

People are busy. We are juggling careers and families. Some of us can’t even find the time to eat lunch, let alone respond to an email. 

Don’t panic and think the worst. Just try again. A simple follow up takes minutes to put together and could be well worth the effort if you’re willing to just give it another try. 

Try a different time of day or make sure your follow up rises above the clutter and is creative, attention-grabbing and uses the right message to get action the next time around.

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Tip #2: Make it Personal

It’s not all about you or a list of reasons why you’re the best. 

People want to do business with real people who care about them. 

As a consumer, there’s nothing worse than knowing you were a part of an insert {first name, last name} automated email strategy. 

Follow ups should be human and personal. 

They should also be short, informal and conversational. 

You don’t want to bombard with too much information or turn prospects off. 

Instead, it’s just a simple check in. 

If you’re able to share some information that’s useful and free, even better. People love free stuff that is helpful.

Tip #3: Get to the Point

People are busy. Respect their time and get to the point quickly, especially if the recipient didn’t request information from you in the first place. 

Sales follow up emails that are between 50-125 words have an average response rate of 50%. So, you have seconds to grab the reader’s attention. 

A general rule of thumb to keep your email short is to always follow these 3 simple steps: 

  1. Remind them who you are and how you “know” them. 

  2. Tell them why you’re reaching back out. 

  3. Always end with a request for action. Suggest times for a follow up call or a calendar link to set up a meeting. 

The goal here is to get them to read your email and get a response. Even if it’s a simple thank you! 

Any kind of response is better than inaction.

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Tip #4: Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Writing has definitely become more lackadaisical these days. 

There is no need to know how to spell with built-in checkers everywhere. 

No one capitalizes in texts anymore and when did one space after a period become a thing?

While writing styles are definitely more relaxed, emailing potential clients and prospects is different and requires a more scrupulous eye. 

There is nothing worse than using the wrong form of your and you’re, ur, there, their or they’re so know the difference.

Always check for typos before sending emails. 

Also, make sure you spell the client’s name and business name correctly because if you don’t that’s just embarrassing. 

From your very first email to every follow up email, make sure you review, proofread and edit the message.

Tip #5: Follow Up Should Piggyback Previous Emails

You know the feeling … you see an email in your inbox that says “re:” in the subject line and that sinking, what did I forget feeling washes over you. 

Which is why sending a follow up email as a part of the same thread is a magical thing. 

Sometimes it takes a second or third email to finally get a response or get people to act. 

Email follow up that continues to build on a thread of emails is a great way to get someone’s attention.

Bonus Tip

Creating the right mix of follow up emails takes a certain finesse. But, it’s an important process and vital to the growth of any business. You need leads, warm and cold prospects and customers to survive. 

If you don’t have a staff or dedicated team to devote to your email outreach, let LinkedSelling do the hard part for you. We have worked hard to perfect our systems, so you don’t have to. We can support you through the entire process with as little or as much help as you need. To learn more about how LinkedSelling can solve your lead generation problems, book a one-on-one planning session today.

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