The New Social Media Frontier: 3 Tips For An Effective Strategy to Generate Leads

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Did you know that there are over 3.196 BILLION people on social media and over 90% of U.S. businesses are turning to social media to market their services? 

Last year alone, most people spent an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media every day. 

There has never been a better time in history for businesses to get their message out there and in front of their ideal audience.

But what happens when you don’t quite know how to tackle digital marketing? With a plethora of online social media platforms, tons of traffic sources, and a saturated market place, where do you start and how can you find your way through the maze? 

Here are 3 tips to generating leads through an effective social media marketing strategy that our ad gurus have compiled for you…

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#1: Create a free resource (lead magnet) that your prospects will be interested in to give out

Generally, the first step to getting people on your calendar is to get them interested in what you have to offer. That’s why one of the first steps of any campaign should be to deliver something of value to anyone who is willing to give you their information to learn more about what you do. That’s what we call a lead magnet, because it attracts leads and entices them to exchange their email address for a relevant content piece your prospect will find value in, whether a report, a video, a whitepage, or anything else.

For example, one of our clients focuses on the re-selling of homes. We created a lead magnet for them that focuses solely on how to prep your home to sell at top dollar.

Another example could be a marketing agency that puts out an industry report on the latest trends that are working so that their prospects can be informed and get an advantage.

When you’re developing an effective free resource, it’s important to think about something that your target audience would actually use as soon as they download it. The free resource doesn’t always have to relate directly to the ultimate back end offer.

#2: Dial into your perfect audience

When it comes down to it, your campaign won’t be effective if you’re not marketing to the right people.  Ultimately, understanding the type of person that you want to sell to will help you reach the right audience from the start and then you can get MORE money for your business. 

Take a moment to create a profile for your perfect audience. Here are a few things you can think about: 

  • What is their job title?

  • Where is their company based out of?

  • What industry does their business serve?

  • Ideally, what would their business’ yearly revenue be?

  • How big is their company (how many employees)?

  • What big outcome do they really want?

Marketing on social media revolves around targeting and making sure that your ads are being seen by the right people. If you can do that, they will all come to you instead of you having to go to them… and it will be at a MUCH lower cost.

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#3: Get a personalized campaign built out for you by a team of experts

At LinkedSelling, we've developed a program specifically for business owners who have an existing product/offer online or are ready to take their business online, but don’t know where to start. 

Did you know that more than 80% of businesses fail in the first year because they don’t get a solid, reliable marketing system in place? If no one knows you exist, no one can buy from you, no matter how good your products or services.

With this program, you can skip to the front of the line and get your ENTIRE digital marketing system built for you (from start to finish) by social media ads experts. 

This is a "done-for-you" client acquisition program, where you can get you your own 5-star funnel so you can start generating high-quality leads online within 90 days of implementation. It provides you with a FULL build-out of a professional ad campaign. All you’ll have to do is turn it on and watch the leads flow in. 

Social media is the perfect platform to put yourself in front of your audience. You can figure it out yourself, or you can hire experts who’ve tested and refined a system that targets quality leads and gets them on your calendar.

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If you’re interested in more sales appointments at scale, we would be happy to speak with you about how we can build a customized lead generation campaign for your business. 

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