The Top 3 Ways to Sell to the Modern-Day Buyer

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Door-to-door salesman, cold-calling, and infomercials…

These all seem like ancient practices that are now deemed outdated and unnecessary.

However, it’s really about how you look at it.

Has the door-to-door salesman changed over the last 50 years? Or has the door he “knocks on” changed?

Has the cold-caller changed since the dawn of the telephone? Or has the communication platform changed?

And finally, the infomercial. The television has given us many great things over the last 50-60-70+ of its existence, but some would argue the late-night infomercial selling the next big “As Seen On TV” gadget is the great. Has the infomercial changed? Or just the platform it’s presented on?

“Use LinkedIn to Connect”

The world has gone digital: Using LinkedIn and other Social Media Platforms are valuable sources for lead generation.

Since the dawn of the internet, everything has changed. And we believe that right now is where the internet is truly hitting its stride as far as technology and innovation.

Sales have become multi-channel. Online marketing tactics (SEO and Social Media) are major facets of a sales and marketing strategy.

And with more than 530 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the prime place to be if you want to personally connect with your prospects.

This doesn’t render trade shows, email marketing, traditional print media or Radio/TV useless.

But it adds a personal layer to your marketing that is important for the consumer to relate to you and your product or service.

76% of business decision makers say they use online sources to learn about professional service providers, while 74% say they prefer to work with professional service providers who also know their colleagues, friends or acquaintances. (Kredible Research)

LinkedIn is leveraged by 92% of B2B marketers over all other social media platforms.  And it shows no signs of slowing down as it has seen a 517% increase in users just since 2010.  And LinkedIn is actually growing at TWICE the active user growth rate than Facebook or Twitter, according to one of LinkedIn’s recent SEC filings.

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“Building Trust and Relationships”

Sales have turned from brand-focused, hard selling tactics… to building the right personal connections and relationships.

In order to position yourself as trustworthy in your market, you need to position yourself above your competitors.

You’ll need to offer value to your prospects on subjects that they care about.

This is done by sharing content that is relevant to your prospects, and by sharing content that your prospects will actually read.

This will keep you top-of-mind and it will build your authority on topics that most interest your audience.

If you sell to custom apps and software services to owners of retail stores, you don’t want to only share tech news and updates.

That may interest you and your competitors… but it’s not at the front of the mind of your prospects.

You’ll want to share some tech updates and case studies of how tech is helping brick-and-mortar stores, however, you’ll want to be sure to share a healthy dose of all the other areas of interest for your prospects.

Content on marketing, finance, local business news, hr, retail, small business and more.

If it’s intended for a small business owner or retail owner, you want to put it in front of them. So that you are branded as a resource for THEM. Not just another vendor.

And because your prospects see you as somebody who is delivering great value and not just talking about yourself, they will begin to trust you.

“Authority Leadership”

Get Your Sales and Marketing In Sync

The traditional lines between the “sales department” and “marketing department” have blurred.  Instead, these two departments must work side-by-side to achieve the same goal.

Marketers are creating content specifically to be used to educate prospects and persuade them to make purchases. And similarly, marketers rely on the insights from their sales team on what consumers are asking about and the resources they are demanding the most.

We’ve seen amazing results when each piece of these work towards one main goal, be the leader in your industry.

How do you build authority leadership on LinkedIn?

  1. Create a community focused on how your prospects identify OR based on their interest.
  2. Invite your prospects to join your community.
  3. Share content that helps your prospects solve the issues they are most focused on.

An additional layer of content that can’t be overlooked are testimonials and reviews from your current or former clients. Always be on the lookout for how you can share social proof about your product or service.

The feedback from your customers is likely as good as (if not better than) any marketing materials you could put out.

It’s a way for you to build your authority without having to do anything you aren’t already doing. Your work “speaks for itself”.

It’s the new form of “word-of-mouth,” and it’s a becoming a trusted source of communication that you can rely on about your products and services.

If you want to learn more about how to utilize LinkedIn and our proven strategies to generate high-ticket leads, click below.

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