The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Ad Targeting

Posted by Matthew Croghan in B2B Lead Generation & Sales Insights, LinkedIn Marketing Insights

So you want more leads and clients.

We could talk strategy (which we do a lot), but before any of that can take place…

Do you know what’s at the root of any successful lead gen strategy?

Here’s the secret… It’s not just about “getting leads or opt-ins.”

It’s about getting the right leads for your business. It’s about quality.

And there’s no better way to get in front of a LARGE portion your ideal prospects, than with LinkedIn ads. Which is why we’re so excited that LinkedIn now allows you to target specific prospects based on:

  • Demographics
  • Company
  • Job Experience
  • Education
  • Interests
  • Matched Audiences
The next filter within Audience Attributes that you can target by is based on the company information that a user as listed on their profile.

Company Connections

Reach 1st-degree connections of employees at specific companies you select. This option is available for companies that have over 500 employees.

Follower of...

Reach followers of your Company Page. To utilize this facet, your Ads account must be associated with your Company Page.

Company Names

Reach members employed within selected companies by using the organization a member list has their employer.

Company Size

Reach members based on the size of organization. Company size is determined by # listed on Company Page. There are 9 options:

  • Myself Only
  • 2-10 Employees
  • 11-50 Employees
  • 51-200 Employees
  • 201-500 Employees
  • 500-1000 Employees
  • 1001-5000 Employees
  • 5001-10,000 Employees
  • 10,000+ Employees


Reach members within certain industries by using the primary industry for the company that the member is employed by.

There are 24 industry options available to target by that are broken down into further subcategories:

Agriculture - 3.8 Million+ Users

Arts - 6.9 Million+ Users

Construction - 21 Million+ Users

Consumer Goods - 28.5 Million+ Users

Corporate Services - 39.5 Million+ Users

Design - 9.4 Million+ Users

Education - 34.6 Million+ Users

Energy & Mining - 13.1 Million+ Users

Entertainment - 13.2 Million+ Users

Finance - 32.7 Million+ Users

Hardware & Networking - 12.4 Million+ Users

Health Care - 31.4 Million+ Users

Legal - 6.8 Million+ Users

Manufacturing - 45.3 Million+ Users

Media & Communications - 17.8 Million+ Users

Non-Profit - 14.3 Million+ Users

Public Administration - 13.7 Million+ Users

Public Safety - 4.3 Million+ Users

Real Estate - 8.9 Million+ Users

Recreation & Travel - 20 Million+ Users

Retail - 15 Million+ Users

Software & IT Services - 40.4 Million+ Users

Transportation & Logistics - 6.9 Million+ Users

Wellness & Fitness - 8.3 Million+ Users

What To Do With All These Targeting Options

As you can see, you can get pretty granular with your targeting. LinkedIn has drastically advanced their ad capabilities, allowing businesses like yours to target and reach very specific people. But it’s more than just that…

Because when you can be specific to the person you really want to talk to, you have a better chance at piquing their interest with the copy and image choices you make in your ad, which allows you to convert more targets into leads and eventually sales appointments or customers.

This is how we’ve been able to use LinkedIn Ads to not only bring our clients a flood of leads, but to bring them high-quality, in-market leads, actively looking for YOUR solution.

If you’re unsure of where to get started with LinkedIn ads and curious what type of return you could expect with them, let’s talk.

Click the link below to schedule an ROI Session with my team where we can answer your questions, discuss if LinkedIn ads is the right fit for you, and share details on the results to expect.