The Unique Approach to ‘Social Media’ that Epilogue Systems Used to Build a Sales Pipeline for Their New Product Launch

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The Unique Approach to ‘Social Media’ that Epilogue Systems Used to Close Multiple 5-Figure SaaS Deals and Build a Pipeline for Their New Product Launch

The Challenge:

Epilogue Systems was launching a new product and they wanted help creating a system that would utilize LinkedIn to generate sales appointments with very specific professionals at large organizations who manage employee onboarding, productivity, and internal communication.

They needed a way to build relationships with these prospects quickly as they were approaching the launch of their latest product with a limited sales pipeline in place for this new offer.

The Solution:

Our team started by optimizing Epilogue System’s LinkedIn presence to position their team to appeal directly to the exact targets they wanted. With that in mind the team set out to position the Epilogue Systems team to stand out from other vendors.

First, they optimized their LinkedIn profile to directly let their prospects know exactly how they helped them specifically. The profiles were updated to feel personal to each prospect they would be reaching out to.

Second, the Epilogue System team wanted something that would give their team a leg-up on the competition when making their first outreach.

They knew that their audience didn’t appreciate being ‘sold’ but preferred a more consultative approach.

So we launched a LinkedIn group called “Employee Enablement | Tools and Tips for Learning & Talent Development” and filled the group with content and resources intended to help their prospects learn and network with others in the industry.

This subtle difference led to their prospects becoming more open to connecting with the Epilogue team.

From there, we built up their database of first-degree LinkedIn connections and launched a multi-touchpoint messaging campaign to nurture their prospects and generate appointments for their sales team. 

The Results:

Their Campaign Quickly Brought in Multiple 5-Figure Sales of Their New Product & Has Led to Better Planning by Delivering a Consistent Flow of Quality Leads

In just a few months Epilogue Systems closed multiple deals at an average pricepoint of $24K from the opportunities LinkedSelling provided.

Their lead numbers continued to trend upward each month as their account team optimized targeting and messaging to attract more sales-ready appointments. They are so happy with their results that they are quick to refer friends to the LinkedSelling team when asked about what they’ve been doing to so effectively drive new sales in such a short amount of time. 

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About Epilogue Systems:

Epilogue Systems helps enhance user performance across enterprise and global workforces with Opus, their award-winning Digital Adoption Solution (DAS), and Smart Documentation.

They offer their clients a faster and easier way to create business process documentation and training resources. Epilogue Systems’ software is used by some of the world’s most innovative companies, including members of the Fortune 500.

Industry: Information Technology & Services

Location: Ambler, PA


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