Our Top 8 Takeaways from the 2020 Lead Generation World Conference!

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Lead Generation World 2020 Top Takeaways

The Mission:

Earlier this year we sent Holly Essner, Jeni Slane, and Molly McGinnis from our Account Management team to Lead Generation World in Denver, Colorado. 

Since they billed the event as the “Home To Lead Generation Community” we knew we had to make our presence felt in-person to get a pulse on the industry and to see what other smart agencies, organizations, and research firms were seeing as the top lead generation strategies over the next 12-24 months.

It’s never a bad time to get better so we had them compile their top takeaways from the event to share here on the LinkedSelling blog. 

Here’s what they found.... 

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1. Sales Development Representative (SDR) Teams Are More Important Than Ever

61% of consumers still prefer talking to someone over the phone and 50% of leads come through after a fifth touchpoint. Don’t give up! Have an SDR on your team contact and vet all inquiries that come in to ensure that your sales team is working effectively.

To ensure that no opportunities are missed, have a “shark” on your sales team. 

This person is there to keep the other sales team members on their toes and will be able to call on any leads that are not being followed-up with properly. Come up with a strategy that will keep it fair, but will still motivate your other team members to want to avoid a shark attack of their leads.

If you’d like to see how we use SDRs in our multi-channel outbound sales development blueprint for our clients click here for instant access to a demo of the entire system.

2. Expect to see a lot more AI...

When many of us think of AI, we think of the ‘scary, futuristic Terminator/SKYNET types’ of Artificial Intelligence that can take down civilization. This type of AI, the kind many of us fear (including Elon Musk), is very rarely used. Most companies that utilize AI do so on a much smaller scale, and it’s been quite a successful move for them when done properly.

John Berkowitz, Founder & CEO of OJOhome, gave a riveting discussion on the future of AI in lead generation and marketing. 

In reality, AI is just the science of building machines to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. In the use of Small AI, companies both small and large can program their systems to replicate decision processes, saving their employees valuable time and resources. 

3. A Concerted Effort to Improve Client Transparency...

When your customers have access to see the progress being made in their account, it promotes trust and is valuable in creating a healthy professional relationship. 

At LinkedSelling, we try our very best to be completely transparent with our clients because we find it leads to greater campaign success and client satisfaction. That is why we weren’t surprised to hear them stress the importance of this tactic at this conference.

4. Segmentation & Personalization Remain A Major Focus

The days of sending out generic scripts to the masses should be long gone! Did you know that segmented campaigns have a 14% higher open rate than non-segmented campaigns? 

A big takeaway this year was the critical importance of sending out specific touchpoints that speak to who your prospect is, instead of generic, spam-like copy which can often harm your marketing efforts. 

We at LinkedSelling have always seen the importance of segmenting audiences and personalizing our messaging as much as we can to ensure a higher response rate. Common ways of segmenting your audience can be by location, job title, or by the industry they work in.

5. Expect to see an increase in mobile views...

Outside of ease and convenience, our phones allow us to things that were unthinkable just 10 years ago. In the US alone, consumers spend about 90% of their mobile time in apps! 

That’s why it’s so crucial to optimize your website to be as mobile-friendly as possible to ensure a better user experience.

6. The Big Deal About Big Deals

Big package clients are a great asset for any agency, but there are risks associated with them as well. The biggest risks associated with these types of packages are their unpredictability, the personnel and communications aspect, and the financial considerations. 

The best way to combat this is to start out on the right foot by building a great relationship with the client. Have one person on your team manage the project to ensure smooth communication and ensure there is open dialogue. Asking your client open-ended questions and being aware of potential pain points down the line will help you to stay ahead of any issues later. 

From an operational standpoint, keep your pricing fair, but competitive. You don’t want to be the most or least expensive in your market.

If you’d like to see how our clients structure their multi-channel outbound sales development efforts to build trust with bigger, higher-paying, clients click here for instant access to a demo of the entire system.

7. Decision Making Is Married to Data

A big topic of discussion at the conference was decision making and the traps clients fall into. Jeff Kreisler spoke about the importance of marrying data science with people science.

Finding the balance between the two will be crucial to marketers. All decisions are value judgment and when you don’t accurately assess opportunity cost you miss out on better opportunities which is why we must build systems that account for human behavior.

When we spend money it stimulates the same area of the brain as pain so we need to be able to marry the data we already have and take the pain away in the way we present opportunity cost to the client.

8. Always Be Testing

It seems simple but with omnichannel marketing being a huge factor for success in the future testing is even more critical so that campaigns are running efficiently and effectively.  While we’re trying to create value with every new engagement we have with clients we have to consider what metrics need to be tracked to determine if that engagement was successful.

We must take the data from testing and be able to use it to make real-time decisions that change the campaign and then we have to test that change, it’s a never-ending cycle that is critical to reaching the right audience and getting your ROI on marketing efforts. 

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