What Does This Mean: No More LinkedIn Group Logos

Posted by Matthew Croghan in LinkedIn Marketing Insights

LinkedIn Group Logos are becoming a thing of the past it appears.

For those of you that use LinkedIn on a daily basis, you may have noticed how sometimes they like to make little changes without warning, and we have come across a new one.

LinkedIn Group Logos, No More

If you are just starting or creating a LinkedIn group, you won't miss this aspect.  However, if you are like most of us that have utilized LinkedIn Groups for a while, you will notice that LinkedIn has removed the option to have a group logo.

Now, if you already have a group logo, they are not taking that away from you.  But, you are no longer able to change group logos.

We know some people may think the sky is falling on them because of this small change, but let us reassure you everything is fine… and the sky isn't falling.

How big of a variable is a Group Logo?

Our team of expert Account Managers have come to the conclusion that removing the Group Logo variable is not as big of a deal as some might expect.

The biggest variables to groups are as follows:

  1. Name
  2. Group Description
  3. The content being shared

The above three variables allow users to join and enjoy being members of your group, over some logo.

Your group should be focused on one thing… strengthening your positioning with your audience/propects.

How do you do that?

Sharing top-level conent, having a strong and clear group description, and an enticing group name because those are the variables that will push the needle on your prospecting.

What About Next Steps?

How valuable is your prospecting on LinkedIn?

Don't know?

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